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140 Things To Discover On Twitter

93. Get to know the latest scams or computer virus

Get to know latest scams and computer virusIf you follow the right account/people, you will always get a useful info and updates about the latest scams or computer’s virus.

94. Change your habits

Change your habitsTwitter can change your habits, one of that are your sleeping hours; sleep very late and wake up very early. Am I right or  wrong? 😉

95. Get a star on your tweets (favorite)

Get a star on your TweetsWith the amount of tweet that comes out from everyone, sometimes all that tweets was too good to be passed by without a retweets, especially the one with the link, So, with twitter favorite button you can save that tweet for later purpose, to read or to retweet it.

96. Something to get you busy while in traffic

Something to keep you busy while in TrafficTraffic can force you to spend hours on the street, so boring and stressful I feel, but you can spend your time tweeting, and talk to your friends about your situation. (Much cheaper than actually calling someone to talk on the phone)

97. Get a recommendation

Get a RecommendationYou can get some recommendation through a Follow Friday or Mr.tweet
here’s how to do the proper follow Friday : How to Do a Proper Follow Friday On Twitter and recommend someone using Mr.Tweet

98. Get to know the best twitter application for your mobile

Best Twitter application for your mobileWhen you can’t stay on your PC or laptop for a long period of time, or if you’re on the way to some place, your phone is the one that will enable you to send a tweet, you can set-up a text for tweeting, or other than that is to get some application installed on your mobile. You can get some reference from twitter people.

99. Get others opinion on anything, anywhere, anytime

You can always ask people opinion on something that you’re work on or interesting in, just tweet that out anytime, you’ll get it.

100. Get famous

By having thousands of followers, you’re famous already 🙂
Other than that, some ordinary people can get famous too on twitter
Just read this article Aum Trails

101. A new born baby

A new born baby on TwitterFollowing the process of a new born baby or getting a news about it on twitter, its overwhelmed, knowing that there’s a new addition to this world.

102. Get a latest picture of outer space from an astronaut

Latest picture from an astronautFollow some verified account of an astronaut on twitter to get outer space picture updates. Most of their pictures are awesome. One of them is @astro_mike

103. Witness a wedding from the other side of the world

Witness a weddingYes you can follow a wedding ceremony through twitter, and this one is the next twitter wedding white wedding don’t miss it 🙂

104. Sharing your personal life event

Sharing your personal life eventYou can share any of your personal life events, like a fight. Yes, lately I witnessed husband and wife fighting on my timeline. Its heartbreaking knowing that their kids also on twitter. People, anything can happen.

105. Get banned from Twitter search

This is one of the common problem on twitter, where people got banned from twitter search. Some caused it due to you tweeted out the same link in less than 4hours or unfollowed thousand people at once. That kind of act will get you marked as spam automatically. So, whenever it is possible, never do those things that can ban from twitter search. Here is how to get you back on twitter search file a ticket.

106. Get kicked out or suspended from your twitter account

Suspended from your twitter accountThis happened recently, where people can not log into their account or got kicked out, or suspended without any reason. This is how to get your account back 7 Steps to follow if your twitter account is suspended | by @AskAaronLee

107. Get to know who’s watching what

Who's watch what via TwitterEvery now and then people will tweet what they are doing, including what they are watching. From that you’ll get to  know who’s watching what. Now, every eye will freeze on the World cup 2010 at the South Africa. It’s a football fever too on twitter, just follow the #worldcup hashtag to get further info.

108. Get to know or involve in a festival

The good of social media is involving so many people online, including a festival. Find out more here Twitter Festival.

109. Get a virtual wish of birthday or anniversary from around the world

Get a virtual wish of birthday or anniversary from around the worldA virtual wish of a birthday or anniversary can always make you smile, especially when you’re having more than a thousand followers, those wishes could go far through a retweets too.

110. Meet online people through other people

The way of the world is meeting people through other people, and by engaging and Retweeting, you will meet new people.

111. Politics

Politics on TwitterTtwitter played a significant role in politics, one of the examples is the election of Barack Obama as a president of United States of America.

112. Anonymous Forever

What I love about twitter is that I can stay online without anyone knows whether I’m online or not. You might just there to read your timeline, laugh at what other has discuss on, etc. 😉

113. Source for research

For me, Twitter is the ultimate source for research on people’s behavior. For your information, every tweet of mine is on purpose, I like to see how people react to it. Mostly it is fun! . If you are a Blogger then you should read this=>Blogchat – A Blogger’s Hidden Twitter Resource!

114. Get your food deliver

Get your Food deliverYou can order food on twitter, and get your food deliver to you (if you’re in the area) Check on this account @deliverydotcom

115. Get some ideas from others for blog post

Post Ideas from Twitter

Just ask any of your followers for blog post idea (if you running out of them) 😉

116. Discover amazing author/writers/poet

Discover amazing authors , writers , poet on TwitterNot a secret anymore that every famous person (who are still alive) will have a twitter account, including an author, writers or a poet.
I have fun following the famous writer => @PauloCoelho , He is such an inspiration for me.

117. Be whoever you want to be

Be whoever you want to beYou can be whoever you want to be on twitter, even a fake one. But for me it is important just to be yourself. You know what? “everybody else is not you” 🙂

118. Flirt 😉

Enough said 😉

119. Create or join a petition

Petition on TwitterAny concern regarding some issues, you can always create a petition and ask people to sign/join.

120. Watch the change in habits

I can see how twitter people’s habits are changing, from a link tweeter to become more engaging, those selfish one become helpful, etc. ( i meant the tweet habits)

121. Watch the milestone in followers

By following @MrMilestone you’ll get the information of you and other who’s hit some milestone on follower’s count.

122. There’s always someone online

Believe me there will always someone online on twitter, it is like the city that never sleep.

123. Meet talented people around the world

Once you engage, you will find so many talented people around the world that you can always talk to and sharing with, in any field.

124. Meet your soul mate

I have witnessed some people who met their soul mate on twitter, some married and some planning a wedding. You’ll never know what destiny brings you to.

125. Have fun throwing things at people without getting hurt

One of my favorite, is throwing things around (relax! i meant virtually) For me it is one of the other way to have fun on twitter. You’ll be surprised by how many people that actually join in and hate the ideas. But it is the save way to have fun,without getting hurt, physically.

126. Get latest fashion information

Follow the fashion account to get some updates on fashion, despite that any account can send you a fashion updates.

127. Earn money

Earn Money from TwitterWho doesn’t want to earn some money while tweeting? Everyone wants that, but you need to be careful not to fall into some scams. So try these both site Sponsored Tweets and Be a Magpie to earn some money while spreading the word on twitter. (Source : @Sizzler_chetan )

128. Analyze your dreams

Can you explicate a dream in 140 characters? It can be quite a task, but if you want a psychologist to analyze your dream for free, it might be one worth undertaking.  Read more here Analize your dreams via twitter

129. Send Presents

With you can send a physical gifts to others via Twitter without even having to know information like a recipient’s mailing address. You don’t need to know the mailing address of your recipient,  they’ll enter that in when they claim their gift. It’s a pretty nice idea that makes online gifting a little more personal.

130. Discover some jackass

There are a lot of crazy people out there, so, one of these days you will bump into one. yup, those who can’t stand your spark! So, just let them be.

131. Tweet in art

Decorate your tweets with art, its fun and beautiful, check this post Tweet Art

132. Be creative with character,symbols or smiley

Not far from tweet art, you can use a smiley too, besides the usual smiley like 😉 🙂 or 😀 you can try this Sample of Smiley or you can use some symbols from  Twitterkeys

133. Learn how to handle or face any kind of people

With so many different people you bump into online, you will learn how to handle them, by the time you learn that, you can bring that out to your real life. It helps a lot.

134. Improve your self esteem

The above point will lead you to this point, where twitter can improve your self esteem too. From your online friends or from those hater, either way you will understand it and take the positive side, and build your own positive attitude.

135. Get to know a fail whale and little birdies

Twitter Fail Whale and little birdiesFail whale and birdies are well known creature on twitter, whenever twitter having an issue with over capacity, you’ll see a fail whale carried by some birdies. That inspire some people to create other fail whale picture, cakes or other stuff that are mostly  funny or cute.

136. Build your twitter kingdom

Twitter KingdomWith an unlimited amount of followers, you can build a twitter kingdom, where you can rule twitter with your tweets. Now the tag for Twitter king is on @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) with over 5 million followers and the tag for Twitter queen is on @britneyspears

137. Learn other languages

Lean other Languages on TwitterMeeting online people from other side of the world will bring a lot of knowledge to you, one of the other things that you can learn, is another languages.

138. Learn everything from everybody

Every person granted with knowledge,some master it well and some don’t. Through twitter you can always exchange knowledge or learn something from someone everyday.

139. Discover ordinary people who are actually extraordinary

Discover ordinary people who are actually extraordinaryThere’s always something extraordinary behind ordinary people, all you have to do just engage. 🙂

140. Experience new things everyday and Have Fun

Twitter will always be a place to experience new things everyday, whether it is interest you or not, but for me, it is the place for everything, such as news,knowledge,people etc.  So, have fun!

Thank you for reading, i do hope you will enjoy the list and if you want to add up some from your point of view, just hit the comment box below.

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