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5 reasons why IE9 will not support Windows XP


We all know that Microsoft is all set to release its latest  version of browser Internet Explorer 9 in few months. Internet Explorer 9 has many new features and is ready to compete against Google Chrome5, Firefox 3.6 and other browsers. Meanwhile Internet Explorer 9 comes with many new problems and one among them is  “Internet Explorer 9 doesn’t work in Windows XP“.

Before going to problems part we would like to give some cool new features of IE9.

  1. JavaScript Background Compilation
  2. Type Optimizations
  3. Fast Interpreter
  4. Supports HTML5 and CSS3
  5. SVG support

We suggest: Want to explore more about these features? Click Link1 and Link2.

All are new features :), are  you surprised by the Microsoft move?Yes?

Ok then let me tell you more about IE9. We all Bloggers are mostly amazed by the Windows7 and most of them have switched from Windows XP to Windows7 and also from  Windows Vista to Windows7 as it had many problems.

When we tried IE9 preview and demos, It looked perfect and we totally went crazy about the features of IE9. But when we tried on Windows XP we just got to know Microsoft killed Windows XP with its IE9! A dialog box popped out stating

Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview does not support any operating system earlier than Windows Vista SP2


What do you have to say about it? Microsoft clearly says no to nearly decade old operating system Windows XP! Now let us put in front the main reasons behind why IE9 doesn’t work in Windows XP. These are the 5 main reasons we found why IE9 doesn’t support Windows XP:

1. DirectX


IE9 uses the Direct2D feature of DirectX when accessing the graphics hardware to accelerate image creation and drawing. Direct2D was introduced in Windows 7, but then added to Windows Vista SP2 and Windows Server 2008 R2. But not to Windows XP.

2. Security


Windows XP users have a fast, safe, reliable and private browser in Internet Explorer 8 that IE9 doesn’t provide for XP.

3. Graphics


Internet Explorer 9 requires the modern graphics and security underpinnings that have come since 2001, which XP doesn’t have.

4. Hardware and OS


IE9 is intended to be run on a modern operating system in order to build on the latest hardware and operating system innovations.

5. Multi core


IE9 require a discrete graphics card and prefer multiple cores. Such things didn’t exist in XP.

Several users say it might be one of the marketing strategy by Microsoft to switch from  Windows XP users to Vista or Windows7, and may be Microsoft has totally stopped support to Windows XP and may not include XP in any of its future Software releases.

If this is true then for sure Microsoft will suffer big blow as Windows XP has more than 60% users in world using it when compared to 15% and 11% share on vista and Windows7.

What about other browser vendors, such as Opera, Mozilla and Google. Are these players abandoning XP? No! Here’s what Google Chrome developer Alex Russell had to say:

I recognize Opera and Mozilla and on Chrome we’re all doing hardware acceleration. And, all of us are doing it on XP. What you’re describing is a situation where people are less behind. The way is to not leave users behind.

Tech Tip: After all, upgrading to a different browser might be a whole lot easier (and cheaper) than upgrading the entire OS. After all, if Chrome, Firefox and Opera are all going to be able to do everything (or most) of that Internet Explorer 9 can do without having to upgrade the OS

If you know any other reasons feel free to use our comment box and share your views 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

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34 thoughts on “5 reasons why IE9 will not support Windows XP”

  1. Sahil Malhan says:

    The last reason is a bit doubtful to me. XP itself runs on multi core processors and with discrete graphics! 🙂 Correct me if i am wrong. I like the rest of the reasons. One who wants to use it, will still find a way! 😀

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      XP runs in multi core Sahil. But the problem is XP has a poor Multicore management! Sometimes task manager shows 100% utilization of all the cores! May be this is the reason.

      Hope i cleared your doubt 🙂

  2. Mani Viswanathan says:

    truely, pure :(, I too tried the preview, the same screen came in. I hope they find some fix and make it work for XP 🙂

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Even I am hoping for that Mani. 🙁 Lets wait and see what Microsoft comes with.

  3. Pablo Lara H says:

    Good to know to prevent people. It means that all the technology will be out of XP.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Microsoft has already on their way to totally kill XP Pablo. It will affect their business big time. Hope they will think about it soon!

  4. Swapnil says:

    Thanks a lot man, However I still prefer Firefox and Chrome.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Ya Firefox and chrome has great advantage over IE now 🙂 which one you like the most buddy? Firefox or Chrome?

  5. EvNix says:

    Thats the reason i skipped from win xp to ubuntu linux.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      still many prefers XP 🙂 it has got all the great features 🙂

      1. EvNix says:

        What do you mean by great features?

        .2 mins to load
        .a whole load of viruses
        .asks for restart after every tiny install
        .crashes/hangs every now and then

        these are the real features of win xp that real people experience

  6. James says:

    Majority of the users around the world are still using Windows Xp. If Internet Explorer 9 does not support it then majority will rather use Mozilla or Chrome. I hope in the future the IE9 will still be around when majority of the users will upgrade their OS.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      I don't think users like to shift from XP to Vista or Windows 7. Because buying a all new OS for IE9 is really waste of money. Nice to see you here James 🙂

  7. rainer says:

    if we think again XP is introduce at 2002 and update till 2006. well, it come naturally if you thought about it..

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Still XP has lot of share in market compared to any other OS 🙂

  8. Mukundan Srinivasan says:

    I think Microsoft should have made IE9 compatible in XP bcoz already the IE share is reducing rapidly and chrome and mozilla are rising. I feel its a bad move from Microsoft. But anyway I used IE9 and its really good.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      You are right Mukundan. But Microsoft will really suffer with their move. Hope they will release IE9 compatible for XP 🙂

  9. Mad Geek @beingPC says:

    though I ain't use Windows XP but its good to know the reason why IE9 won't worked for it.

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      We are glad that you liked the post 🙂 by the way which OS are you using??

  10. Open Article Submiss says:

    good that i have already moved over to windows7, now i won't have to worry about XP,

    also, will very unlikely upgrade internet explorer and more so unlikely to use it over firefox 😛

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Good that you moved over to Win7. But majority of OS share is with WinXP 🙂 so this move by MS going to cost them big time! 🙂 Bloggers love Firefox 🙂

  11. Chethan says:

    Excellent Insight! Keep this work going!

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      thanks chethan 🙂

  12. Atomic Man says:

    Which Direct X does IE9 need. Direct X10 has been fixed by a number of people to work on XP. Could it be all you need is Dx10 to run this? maybe someone has tried this

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      IE9 needs DirectX 11. Ans DirectX 11 will not be supportable to XP. It only supports Vista SP2 and Windows 7 buddy 🙂

  13. Icechen1 says:

    Microsoft have stated that the lack of WinXP support is due to the lack of some kernel security futures in XP. They cannot port IE9 without it,

  14. david farrand says:

    You've stated the five reasons microsoft has given. I suggest its the one reason IE is kissing goodbye to its lead in the browser market. All to sink XP but it will just sink IE.

  15. Ajinkya@BLOG404 says:

    I always hates Internet Explorer
    Right from IE6 to 8 , i had trouble with it
    Thank god, I cant use IE9 on XP 😛
    Firefox for me is the best !

  16. vicky says:

    no need. we have so much shareware and opensource programs.

  17. Rahul says:

    I agree to Davis 100%. I remember only in win 98 of using IE. When i started using XP Firefox was always my choice now its Google chrome which is top on my list. It screws up things totally.. that hell loading time.. some scripts behave odd in my IE.

  18. turygo says:

    All reasons are unthinkable,Winxp doesn't mean single-core cpu or out-date OS support or drivers.DirectX 2D is a simple feature of DirectX which WINXP support longlong ago.

    I believe that the biggest reason is that Microsft want to sell more copies of WIN7.They don't want to service people who can't offer them money any more.

  19. DavidKerr says:

    I am running Microsoft Windows XP Pro 32 on a AMD Phenom II 9600B stepping 3 processor which used to run Windows Vista Buissness edition untill I discovered that it would prompley lock up if a USB device was plugged in but run faultlessy for fore days before the MCP61 drivers caused it to throw a wobbely so reinstalled Windows XP Pro and never looked back.

  20. bigbrother84 says:

    Chrome, Firefox, Opera (and even Apple Safari!) provide a HTML5-capable browser that will run on Windows XP. Hell, Firefox 4 still supports Windows 2000! I'm not buying any of Microsoft's excuses. The reason for this "limitation" of IE9 is pretty obvious — Microsoft thinks that by screwing their older customers (some who were still buying Windows XP systems up until a year ago, and may still be deploying new systems with the OS), it will help sell more copies of Windows 7 & 8.

    IE8, with its lack of HTML5 support, will be the new IE6 — holding back new development on the internet for years into the future.

    Damn you Microsoft. Damn you all to hell.

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