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10 tips to make your blog complete

Blogs… Speak a lot!!! <credit>

Blog” , what comes to your mind when you hear this word for the first time ? 😉 Is it just a  glimpse of a simple article kind of a picture in your mind? Not at all!! Blogs are those which carry a lot of information about various topics designed in such a way, which makes the topics even-more efficient and elegant and easily understandable by any-one.

So creating such type of Blogs is not an easy task and  its very-much  necessary to follow some important steps that has to be kept in mind while you create a Blog from the beginning to till its conclusion part. 🙂

Just keep in touch with the following easy tips to make your blog- A Complete one.


First of all, use of language is a very important one to deal-with. According to the topics you choose, make slight changes with your presentation of the language too. Make sure that you make use of those words which go hand-in-hand along with the topic you have chosen. Simple and elegant sentences are a good workouts for lifestyle related topics or articles.

Add some interesting images related to your topic, which makes your blog look “complete”!! And if you are not so good in building impressive sentences, worry not… the use of  images  makes your blog, speak about your intention of your topic  easily! But in-turn should be able to choose the exact images that suits best to the topic mentioned. So be cautious while selecting the type of images.


Don’t ever build any stories, instead stuff the blog with the contents concerned to the topic! Your blogs should be presented in such a way that readers would get into the exact topic content, easily so that they should not get into a thought of ‘what exactly the matter here is??’. I have come across some of the blogs which fail to present the exact topic and contain useless explanations, which are not at all recommended. Be clear and perfect regarding your content.


Your blog design plays a major role in attracting visitors, which provides repeated visitors for your blog and hence increases your blog readers base. Blog Design can be done in two ways :

  • Pre-plan : In this phase, you decide the deign of the blog by visualizing and making into an complete design from scratch.
  • Post-plan: In this phase, you start off with blog with any simple design and then later step by step you must keep on customizing the design to make it more efficient and attractive.

live examples

Develop the blog by adding interesting live examples that are quite familiar , which makes the readers to continue reading further for more info. Presenting  some current on-going topics is a good workout which makes your topic even more efficient and interesting.

Providing live examples are one of the most beneficial tools in a blog because it also makes sense that you are in touch with the latest tech too!


Jump onto the Social networking sites like twitter,facebook,digg and many more. Connect with like minded people, build and maintain your online entity to make sure that your blog is not left all alone.

Interactive words

Be clear and perfect with the usage of words which are  simple and easily understandable! The readers should  feel that they are interacting with someone while reading the blogs. So make sure that your articles include simple  social words, that can make any one to enjoy reading them!


Avoid big paragraphs in the blogs which are really useless! The readers lose their interest to proceed further with that topic!! Don’t think that all users will be having patience to go through  each and every line in your post! The topic should be presented in short tips like or through short sentences which makes the users feel comfortable in reading those. So present your blogs  stepwise and in short sentences.

9. SEO


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Using SEO you can get into the top results pages of the search engines. Use proper meta tags and avoid basic seo mistakes to make your blog gain more vsisitors from search engines.


Concluding part of the blog is also an important task! After providing the detail info about your topic, make sure that you also conclude your topic in a better way. So  once you are done with the blog, its necessary to end-up the topic perfectly, to make it a complete blog-post.

Well, I hope these tips work out in a better way  and make your blog- A perfect one!!! I would be glad to know your views and ideas regarding my topic through your comments. 😀  HAPPY BLOGGING. 🙂

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