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140 Things To Discover On Twitter

Welcome back 🙂 , I have been around twitter for almost a year and a half,  and  the word “Discover” on twitter will not only take me but you also very far. Previously I discovered A to Z  Twitter accounts and  now  140 things which you must yourself discover while residing on Twitter. 🙂

We always try to ask ourselves , “why are you using twitter?” , answer comes  out from the bottom of our heart ; ” Because you love your followers and to discover something new” ,  Yes you heard it  right ;).  We are here to discover something new , so that helps not only us but also our followers. So today I am going to list out all the possibilities of discovering on Twitter :

  1. Yours and others thoughts and ideas
  2. Yours and others thoughts and ideasYour Twitter timeline consists of various thoughts and ideas shared by your followers. Make sure you also tweet and gain some attention from your followers. This way you will not only create your presence but also come across few thoughts and ideas of which you would love to tweet. 🙂

  3. Watch how people react to your thoughts and ideas
  4. Watch how people react to your thoughts and ideas
    “An IDEA can change your life” -IDEA Cellular. Whenever any idea pops out in your mind, you are always excited to receive the  feedback and opinions about it.  For better feedback, you must tweet it and let your followers decide and tell you more about your ideas and thoughts. Remember every idea is a joke until it is achieved. 🙂

  5. Share quotes, words of wisdom
  6. Share quotes, words of wisdom
    Quotes and words of wisdom are always there on your timeline, if you’re following the right person.

  7. Share a short poem
  8. Some people also like poem or poetry, and its quite challenging to make it less than 140chars, I did that too, and I called it short poem. Or you can also tweet a haiku(a traditional unrhymed short poetry, common among the japanese).

  9. Be inspired/ Be the inspiration
  10. From every tweet you can always be inspired by it, or even you are the source of inspiration, from what you have tweeted.

  11. Engage with others
  12. Engaging is the key to build a relationship, by that you are socializing with your followers and those you’ve followed.

  13. Send out greetings
  14. Send Out GreetingsA Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Night is always there, greeted by some people with a bunch of people names or just a tweet. We’re in different part of the world so, someone’s Morning could be others Good night, and that will make us realize other people’s time zone.

  15. Build Relationship or Friendship
  16. Build Relationship or Friendship
    Once you are engaged with some people, you will automatically start building a relationship/friendship; I have so many good friends around twitter, and even though we’re far apart, but I feel like we’ve known each other as we’ve met before.

  17. Support each other

  18. Whenever friends of mine need my support to vote or RT, I will be there to support them, which are what friends are for, right? ;).

    But still they need to use the magic password; “please” 🙂 it’s about an attitude after all.

  19. Teasing your friends

  20. I like to tease my friend, mostly they know that I’m only joking, that’s one of from so many ways to get connected and enjoying a conversation.

  21. Meet new people around the world

  22. Surely we’ll meet new people everyday from around the world, either from RT’s or from search result.

  23. Get a new friend everyday
  24. Get a new friend everydayOnce we are engaged in a conversation, we’ll get little bit to know each other and I think that’s a start towards a lifetime friendship. 🙂

  25. Keep in touch with friends
  26. Keep in touch with friendsSome are following their friends who stay far from them, like childhood friends, we can tweet them and keep in touch with them beside through a phone call.

  27. Start or join an online club
  28. Start or join an online clubWhen some people get to know each other and fall into some discussion and feels like we have something in common, they will start a club with a group of people, I have it one named #coffeeclub and we also have a blog together.

  29. Get to know who’s your real friend
  30. Get to know who's your real friendWith day by day connection, chat and everything, mostly we’ll get to know who’s the real friend?, for me those who understand my jokes, and support me when I need it the most.

  31. Get to know whom to trust
  32. Get to know whom to trustTrust is not easy to gain in online world, some people will fall to help others, but in return, turns out get in trouble, and I’m sure there’s a lesson behind that, and also we get to know that person can not be trusted.

  33. Get addicted and notice who’s more addicted to twitter
  34. Twitter addictTwitter is so addictive, it feels like I need to observe who’s RTing my tweets or who’s replying me or DM’s me after my last tweet, so whenever there’s a possible way to tweet, I’ll be tweeting.

  35. Chat privately on limited char of DM
  36. DM - Private ChatDM (Direct Message) is a private way to chat on twitter, but it is also limited to 140 characters, the art of using it is to multiply the DM or you can just move to private email after.

  37. Get an Auto DM
  38. Auto DMAuto DM is crazy, it’s whenever you follow someone, and they’ll send you an auto DM thanking you for the follow and give you links to their private blog or marketing site. Personally I don’t like auto DM, it is less personal and sounds weird if you followed back that person after they followed you first, and yet they thanking you for the follow like their follow was never happened.

  39. Spam by others through tweet or DM
  40. Beware of SpamOther than that, there are also spam tweets or DM’s that ask you to join any wars, quizzes, or a porn link. So you should be careful from these.

  41. Followed by spam and bots
  42. Follwed by spams and botsThere will always be spam and bots following you on twitter; it’s easy to recognize any of them from the amount of their followers, their tweets, their avatar and bio.

  43. Get to know that your teeth need to be whitened
  44. Teeth Whitening Spam TweetThis is the famous spam tweet ever, where they tweet on how to get your teeth whitened, its annoying, unless you want to get your teeth whitened 🙂

  45. Be creative in or less than 140 chars
  46. Creativity  in 140 charactersTotally a place to be creative with your words, where you need to be able to summarize your message in less than 140 characters and to get an RT without being cut off. Remember “Your tweet is your message to the world

  47. Meet other people with the same interest
  48. Like minded people on twitterPeople who love to chat, people who love photography, people who love jokes, people who love to blog and many other people with the same interest as you are. Surely it will be fun to follow them as their tweet will be much of a value to your needs.

  49. Share or read Technology updates
  50. Twitter Technology updatesTechnology is surely one thing that will always be a step forward, and on twitter you can assure that every technology updates will be always flying around your time line if you are following the right person, beside you can always share your side of technology updates.

  51. Share or read the art of sarcasm
  52. This is what I like the most from people; sarcasm will always be there, either from me or from somebody else. It is the art of telling the truth in disguise. 😉

  53. Share or read the freshly squeezed news
  54. Fresh News on TwitterTwitter nowadays is the ultimate source of a news updates, I’m too lazy to turn on the TV, too lazy to buy a newspaper, I would rather open the twitter from my phone and until now I am the person who knows everything first (among my friends and family) thanks to twitter.

  55. Read newest gossips, rumors, entertainment news
  56. Any gossips, rumors or entertainment news will also be there, you just have to know how to search it within twitter timeline. For example, if nothing on the trending about some celebrity, you just type on twitter search about their name, and you’ll find what people talk about that celebrity. It is the fastest way than grabbing some entertainment magazine.

  57. Read or share world’s issues
  58. World issues via TwitterAs you know, Twitter is worldwide, and every issues of the world will easily be found around, these days world issues are Palestine and Oil spilled.

  59. Find out big event around the world
  60. Big events Notifying tweetsLots of big event that happened on the other side of the world, and some people will tweet about it for sure, so there you are enjoying it as if you watch it by yourself.

  61. Share your blog post/personal site
  62. Share your blog postsDefinitely a place for sharing your blog post or personal site and receiving feed back about it.

  63. Get a traffic for your blog or personal sites
  64. Traffic for your blogIf you have lots of followers who like your blog, then it surely boosts your blog’s traffic by receiving comments, ping back and track backs. If you are a WordPress user, you will surely love this post =>  [How To] Boost your Old posts with Twitter in WordPress

  65. Get an unlimited followers/stalkers
  66. Get Unimilited FollowersThere’s no limitation on a number of followers. Not like Facebook that limits you to a number of friend you can add, so you’ll have unlimited followers/stalkers here.

  67. Get listed in a list
  68. Get Listed in a ListNew feature from twitter that enable you to listed some people into a category that you name by yourself, and also you can be in any list, from that I think its a recognition, where people who listed you, recognize you as something, such as Inspirational, friends, great resources etc.

  69. Follow/stalk anybody or famous person/celebrities.
  70. Follow or stock anyoneYou can follow anyone you want (unless they lock their profile to private) any stranger or any celebrities that on twitter (mostly they are now).

  71. Read what your favorite celebrities been doing or up to
  72. Keep an eye on your celebesIf you follow your favorite celebrity, you will get to know what are they up to from their tweets, so pretty much stalking them eh? 😉

  73. Get noticed by your favorite celebrities
  74. Get Noticed by CelebritiesSome people or a fan, will try to talk to that celebrity by tweeting to them, some are lucky enough to get noticed by them.

  75. Talk online with your favorite celebrities

  76. There are few Celebs who often reply to your tweets and make you feel happy :). But they reply only to few users or whenever they are free.

  77. See some crazy fans
  78. Crazy fans on TwitterI witness some crazy fans, who always talk to some celebrity, even if there’s no reply back to them, well, that’s just being the biggest fan is all about. 🙂

  79. Get the latest TV series
  80. Get the Latest TV seriesAnyone on the other side of the world will surely tweet out things that they are watching on their TV; from there we know what the top TV series is lately. I saw Lost, Glee, Romantically challenged on my time line lately.

  81. Get the movies premier schedule
  82. Movies Premire Schedule through twitterAny movie updates that you heard, will bring you to the question of that movie premier schedule, and just ask through a tweet, you’ll get the answer. 🙂

  83. Get the latest updates on movie, and other people opinion on
  84. Latest Movie updates via TwitterA movie discussion will always be there, 1 or 2 person who follows you could be a movie buff too.

  85. Get the latest updates on music or video
  86. Latest Music or Videos Updates on TwitterTwitter is also a place to share music and video, so from there you got your updates, beside from the respective celebrity.

  87. Sharing your favorite song
  88. Sharing your favorite songOne of the other ways to tweet is to share your favorite song, either from or or just tweet #nowplaying and the title of the song that you are listening to.

  89. Be a part of the trending topics
  90. Trending TopicTrending Topic is the thing that people most discussed on twitter, you can get involved by clicking one of it, or just see what actually going on so that lots of people talking about it.

  91. Being alert on missing persons
  92. Being Alert on  Missing personsTwitter is the fastest place to alert some people on anything, also for a missing person, no matter if you’re not on the area of that missing person, by Retweet the alert, you are spreading the words. Who knows one of your followers saw it and know some information regarding that missing person.

23 thoughts on “140 Things To Discover On Twitter”

  1. Gautam Hans @ Blog G says:

    Milana, I didn't know that u can write a poem in 140 chars. Pretty difficult to manage but it is sure worth a try

    1. Milana says:

      Hi Gautam,
      Yes we can,that's what makes it so challenging, though we cant make it more than 1 stanza with the whole expression. Haiku is more easier, just follow the #haiku #haikuchallenge hash tag to find out more

      thank you for stopping by

  2. Riyaz says:

    Interesting compilation Milana 🙂

    1. Milana says:

      Thank you Riyaz,

      I believe there's a lot more out there, but i keep it in 140 list, because 140 sounds like twitter trade mark, right? 🙂

  3. Rohit Sane says:

    I never knew that twitter would have so much in store. Most people spend time writing all crap there!! This is really amazing!!

    1. Milana says:

      Yes Rohit,

      At first i feel the same, but to get the whole point of being on twitter, you have to follow the right person.
      The right person means; those who give value to their tweets (value can be interesting topic abt gadget,tech,news,tips etc not only craps)

      Do follow some of my favorite and informative people, such as :


      and lot more people that made twitter a place to share,inspire and everything, like i mentioned on the post.

      Thank you so much Rohit 🙂

  4. Rakesh Solanki says:

    I don't know how did you write such kind of post? but whatever you doing really amazing and useful. thanks Milana

    1. Milana says:

      Being on twitter has taught me many things, if you pay attention, you will understand that twitter is a source for everything.

      Thank you Rakesh for your comment, much appreciated 🙂

  5. Whiztechy says:

    You really work hard for this article..just loved the new concept and way of writing 🙂
    Twitter is best place to gain knowledge n find really good friends.

    1. Milana says:

      thank you Whiztechy,

      it is a hard work and thanks for the help of Sunil ( @gupshupblog )

      Agree of that point too 🙂

  6. Arun Basil Lal says:

    Twitter has been phenomenal for me, you know why. I met some really awesome people there and its my first resort after google for any sort of help 🙂

    Twitter rocks!

    1. Milana says:

      Arun, yes i know, for me too 🙂

      Thank you for the comment

  7. Mukundan Srinivasan says:

    They are really nice discoveries. I like the point on 140 character short poem. Seems that u are great poem writer. U have neatly organized all the 140 dis. This post would have definitely taken much time to complete. Thanks for providing a quality informative post.

    1. Milana says:

      Mukundan thank you so much, yes its challenging,i have a poetry page but i think i'm not that great,.. yet hehe 😀
      i do think that twitter now is the new Haiku 🙂

      Thanks again

  8. Mad Geek @beingPC says:

    WOW that's a huge list, nice article buddy

  9. Techmaish says:

    Great work dude. Very useful list.

    1. Sunil Jain says:

      All credit to Milana 🙂
      This list was created by her buddy 🙂 🙂

  10. Dr.Bharatsinh says:

    Great work & very useful information

  11. Justin Germino says:

    Great start to the list, one thing about missing people alerts, make sure you follow certified accounts and verify a missing person before you retweet, last year there were several missing ppl scams that got heavily retweeted on Twitter.

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