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140 Things To Discover On Twitter

47. Get any kind of help

Get any kind of HELPJust tweet for help and you’ll get help from any of your follower. From my experience I found that twitter people are very helpful; believe that someone is always caring. 🙂

48. Help others with anything

Help othersBesides getting help, you can also always help others, depends on their needs, if you can help them, why not? One act of kindness today will bring you good things in the future.

49. Get a virtual hug and kiss (in a group too)

Virtual Hugs and Kisses on TwitterNot only with words a virtual hugs and kisses could be found also, and it’s common among close friends on twitter.

50. Get a mental support from twitter people around the world

Mental support from people using TwitterAny other day somebody might having a bad day, or in a bad mood, that’s when your twitter friends will give you a support and encourage you to feel better or even if its only make you slightly better, it is better than nothing.

51. Sharing personal picture or worldwide photography

Photography via TwitterThrough twitpic,mobypic,yfrog etc. Twitter people can share their personal picture or tweet their flickr site or other photography sites on twitter.

52. Get a breaking news from live event

Breaking news from Live events on TwitterYou can also get a breaking news from any live event from the people around the world.

53. Witness a catastrophe live from where it happened

Witness a live catastropheAny catastrophe that happened in the world will definitely goes to your timeline first, it is usually come from those who actually experiencing it. For example ;  earthquake, floods, fire, etc

54. Grow your business

Grow your BusinessTwitter formerly known as a place to promote your business, and its still happen until today. So anyone can get a business or doing business with anyone through twitter. Dell is a shining example of a brand that has managed to turn their Twitter presence into both a customer service and sales outlet. Dell may be a big corporation, but the story behind the $6.5 million they’ve raised from their Twitter presence is one that shines a light on a road to success that any company, regardless of size, can learn from and emulate. Read more How Dell Does it

55. Get a business and business partner

Business partner via TwitterIt will follow along with getting a business partner, from online interaction, can lead to a serious business agreement.

56. Send job application

Job ApplicationYou can always send out a job application through twitter, getting people to notice that some company have a several vacancies, or letting anyone knows that you need a job.

57. Get a job

Some people are able to get a job through twitter, beside through the help of others also through some company that having a vacancy at that time.

58. Ask or Answer questions

Ask or Answer questionsQuestion? Just ask, anyone who knows the answer will always answer you. This requires a follow from those who care.

59. Support a cause or a charity

Support a cause or a charityYou can support a cause or a charity from twitter, raise money by retweeting or tweet with certain hash tag.

60. Share opinions and join a discussion

Share opinions and join a discussionEveryone have their own opinion about anything, so this also a place where you can share your opinion and join a discussion on almost anything.

61. Search about anything

You can search about anything, with or without #hashtag on twitter

62. Throw a virtual party

Throw a virtual partyAnything that people would like to celebrate, they can always throw a virtual party, just share link of a song, do virtual toast, and there you have your virtual party.

63. Have a loud laugh

Have a loud laughLaugh Out Loud (LOL) or Rolling on Floor Laughing (ROFL) wont hurt you 🙂

64. Read and tell jokes

Read and tell jokesLots of funny people on twitter, you can always find/share funny tweets.

65. Solve Maths problems

Solve Maths ProblemsFollow some people who are  really good at maths, ask them to help you, surely that will give a use of their ability, and you’ll get your maths problems solved. 🙂

66. Cursing people and situation

Cure via tweetsCannot avoid one of those bad days or bad things that happened, cursing is common on twitter.

67. Sharing some photography tricks

You can share a photography tricks through a discussion or tweet a link of a site on twitter.

68. Get the latest gadget information

Latest Gadget Information on TwitterGet latest updates on gadget or even get involve in a WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference)

69. Join live conference/live streaming

The well known Twitter Conference is the 140 conference, we can watch them live through a tweet.

70. Get travel updates from anyone around the world

Travel updates on TwitterAny traveler around the world will always share their journey with you on twitter, getting their updates and their picture of places surely make you feel that you are also traveling with them without even moving an inch.

71. Discover the trends

What people mostly discuss about or talk about will soon become trending on twitter, believe me, from twitter, I get to know some trends a lot faster. 🙂

72. Buying and selling products

Buying and Selling productsYou’ll always see some people tweet some marketing link, selling their products, where you can always buy from it, that if you’re interested. Not talking about the teeth whitening spam though. 😉

73. Join quizzes or online contest

Join quizzes or online contestI’ve been in one or more than two contest, mostly by Retweeting the contest, or submit a view words to a lucky draw.

74. Win prizes, award, freebie

Win prizes, award, freebieFollowing the contest or quizzes, you’ll get some prizes if you win, an award if you win some votes on popularity online contest.

75. Vote for best applications or people

Vote for best applications or peopleWe can join and vote on any site, people or apps and mostly the vote will be tweeted automatically to your follower’s timeline.

76. Join twitter singup (by  @paul_steele )

Twitter SingupThis fun online gathering is  hosted by Paul Steele. Here the twitter people send their part of singing a particular chosen of a song, and all the gathered videos will be compiled by Paul  into a really nice video. You should check them out and he always welcomes you to join the fun.

77. Get/do an Interview

Get or do an InterviewAn interview has been done by some people, and it is challenging due to the limitation on character (within 140 chars), but that’s what made it so interesting.

78. Get noticed by everyone

Get noticed by everyoneBy following you or just a search, either way you’ll get notice by someone through your tweet. Be stand out.

79. Share a recipe

Share a RecipeEvery now and then some people will tweet a picture of their breakfast, lunch or dinner or any snack they had, but you can also find some people who loves to cook sharing some recipe, and get a feed back from those who have tried it. Don’t forget to check out @cookitaly – An authentic Italian dishes cook expert 🙂

80. Share food and beverage virtually

Share food and beverage“I’m hungry” some people might reply with “eat” and some can send you a virtual food just by “pass on pizza” or “pass on orange juice” Not helping your starvation but, its always sound fun to do that.

81. Get a new title or nickname

Once you engaged with people on twitter, you’ll find some people that like or loved you too much that they would give you a nickname. I got mine as  “rainbowgirl” and “rmils” from my twitter friends. 🙂

82. Have fun with your avatar or display picture and Background

Avatar is a must, never let default twitter profile picture become your avatar, because its known as spam’s avatar. So put your nice and clear avatar, change it if you like, whenever you want it to. Maybe some people said its not wise to change your avatar so frequently, but hey, for me its a fun way to know how people react to the changes every time I changed my avatar. I did that on purpose in doing some research (will make another post about the result). And also many sites now offer you a free twitter background, you can choose whichever you like, or you can customize it yourself. Mainly, have fun!

83. Join and write Poems online

Join abd write a poem onlineYou can join this writing poem online anytime, by suggesting a word, then those word will be used to write one poem. I found that this is a cool way to write a poem, it is challenging to be able to use all different words from different kind of people and gather it into one nice poetry. I found this method through @dragonblogger

84. Read special promotion of a travel agency or hotel

Twitter is a place to get a market. So, in a way to attract more people to use their service or facilities, one of the marketing strategies is to give a special promotion.  For example a lower price, discount, etc.

85. Link your other social site to twitter

You can find so many applications that provides you to link your other social media profiles to twitter, either to post your status update to twitter or vice versa.

86. Get Customer services help from Companies

Lots of company felt the need to build their interaction with the customer by creating a twitter account that provides services. Every tweet complaining about their product or services, will be noticed and followed up based on the needs. Some are fail to satisfy the customer, but some are really good in maintaining their professionalism through this twitter customer services.

87. Block someone

Block SomeoneYou don’t like what some other people said, or because of the way they act abusing or annoying, you can jut block them, so their tweet won’t show up on your timeline. I wish we can do that in real life 😉

88. Watch some drama

I witness a drama too many times, for I have spent my time on twitter for so many times. It’s like watching some soap opera on TV, believe me.

89. Help preventing suicide

Help Preventing suicideThis act already proven twice, when some fan tweet @Mrskutcher (the well known Demi Moore on twitter) that she’s going to kill herself, and gladly Mr.Kutcher takes that seriously by retweeting the tweet and alarmed someone. Here is the news Digital Journal

90. Donation

DonationAfter some catastrophe, some tweet that asks you to do a donation will be very visible. But in that you need to carefully choose which your donation will go to and not to fall into some scams.

91. Get to know other people’s social life

Now and then some of those people on twitter will tweet about their personal life, their social activities etc. Some are actually really open up for their social life, whether it is true or not, who knows.

92. Get appreciation from people around the world

Get appreciation from everyoneThere will always be someone who appreciates you and your works, and it can comes from people around the world.

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