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15 Best Pinterest Google Chrome Extensions

6. Screen 2 Pin

Using this extension you can directly send the screenshot of the browser window to Pinterest. Watch the above video to know more.

Install Screen 2 Pin

7. Pinterest Zoom

This extension magnifies the pinned image and also includes a “share” button. When the “share” button is clicked, it copies the pinterest post link to the clipboard.

Install Pinterest Zoom

8. Pinterest Recent Activity Expander

It expands the item’s recent activity when hovered on as shown above.

Install Recent Activity Expander

9. Easypinner For Pinterest

Easypinner provides the easiest way to share any image to Pinterest. It adds Pinterest button for any and all image you hover over.

Install Easypinner

10. Pin Search

Pin Search allows us to perform Google search by images on the Pinterest images, by adding a “Search” button on the pins.

Install Pin Search

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