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9 Tips For Staying Secure Online (Infographic+Video)

In this Digital World, making the data secure online has been a tedious task. Even after having various encrypted softwares and tools, the data is still not safe. The attackers easily access the data without user’s knowledge and hence exploits the personal data in several ways.

Online Transactions are 99.8% secure and remaining 0.2% is accountable for Data leaks and hacks. Most of the attackers use the “Public Keys” to hack the user’s online data.

Each and every person is identified by a specific “Public Key” online. The modern eCommerce solutions totally rely on the “Public Keys” issued by the Public Key Cryptographic Infrastructure. The user uses the Public Key which corresponds to “Private Key”, which is used in decryption of the encrypted data.

Here is a small video by @PodJamTV, which very well describes the “3 Ways To Stay Secure Online” :

3 Ways to Stay Secure Online (Video)



After knowing some basic tips on being secure online, let’s have a look at an Infographic by Reverse Phone Lookup, which visualizes 9 tips for staying secure online and  hence keeping the private information safe.



What precautions are you taking to keep your data safe?? Do let me know through your comments 🙂 Thanks for Reading 😀

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