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HostGator vs BlueHost – The Hosting Shootout [Infographic]

Hosting plays a major role in each and every website’s development. We must not only concentrate on the design of the website, but also consider where is the website hosted. Choosing the Hosting is one of the important decision we can ever take.

Most of the bloggers (including me) kickstart our blogs with shared hosting plans and the most recommended host is always “HostGator“. But there are always been many alternatives to HostGator and one of them is BlueHost

Recently when I met @PramitJNathan, he had asked me which host is better for his upcoming websites? I recommended him “HostGator” because of their valuable support and amazing plans. Moreover, he had recently purchased hosting from “Bluehost”, which is also quite reliable and affordable like that of “HostGator”. I did like the “BlueHost” because of their only one shared hosting plan which is very much equal to that of HostGator Ultimate Plan.

Here’s an Infographic by WebHostingBreak, which visually compares the features and history of Hostagator and Bluehost.




So which host would you recommend and why?? 🙂

Thanks for Reading 😀

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