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[How To] Send WebPage Screenshot To Pinterest Instantly

Pinterest is growing at a rapid pace  with almost 80% of Female users. It has become a very good competitor for Facebook, as most of the Retailers and Brands are pitching on it.

Pinterest allows to collect and curate content, rather than only sharing content. This virtual board is moreover for female users, but still men are using Pinterest it efficiently. Today we are going to know how can we take a webpage screenshot and send it directly to Pinterest.

Note: It works only on Chrome Browser as we’re using a chrome extension to achieve this trick.

Firstly install the ShotPin Chrome Extension by clicking here and follow the below steps to send the webpage screenshot to Pinterest instantly:

Step 1: Click the “ShotPin” button

Once you have installed the chrome extension, you’ll see a “Pin” icon next to the address bar as shown above.

Step 2: Select the area to capture

You can select the area to capture once you click the “Pin” icon next to the address bar.

Step 3: Pin it 😉

After selecting the area to be captured, click on the “Pin” icon which is at the right bottom of the selected area. Once clicked it will take some time to process and opens the regular Pinterest Window.

Video Tutorial

Below is the video tutorial on how to use the ShotPin Chrome Extension:


Alternative Method: Here’s an another way to send the webpage screenshot to Pinterest using url2pinRead Here ( by @dangerdiabolick)

So how will you utilize the webpage screeshots in your Pinterest Boards??

Thanks for Reading 😀

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