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How To: Perform Google Image Search on any Pinterest Image


Pinterest is the hottest social network, where everyone is into curating the content. It is a visual collection of images and hence images are the main key players for Pinterest success.

Unlike Tineye, Google does allow us to search by images. Below is a small video which describes the “Google Search by Image”:


Google Search by Image (Video)

While we are browsing Pinterest, we see several pinned images which are either of small resolution or not from the right source. So today we are going to explore two ways to perform Google Image Search on any Pinterest Image:

1. Search By Image

Search By Image is the official chrome extension which allows us to search by images, by adding “Search Option” in the context menu of the image. To use this extension we need to right click the image and choose the “Search Option” as shown below:

Note: It also supports Firefox Browser with their latest Firefox addon

Download Chrome Extension | Download Firefox Addon

2. Pin Search

Pin Search is a chrome extension, which adds “Search” button at the top of each pin. When clicked on “Search” button, it performs Google Image Search on that Pin’s image.


Download Pin Search Chrome Extension


Thanks for Reading and Happy Pinning 😀

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