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What Happens Every 24 Hours On Internet? (Infographic+Video)

Internet is growing rapidly with over 2.1 billions of internet users and counting. Before we were using internet for chatting, browsing and downloading data, but now after the introduction of social networks, the users are spending more time online than ever.

Below is a small video by InfineraCorp which reveals some of the most interesting internet statistics of 2012:

Internet Statistics 2012 (Video)


Every single day, the amount of information generated by the interent traffic requires 168 million DVD’s to store. There are more than 2 million posts written everyday (including this 😛 ), and about 294 billion emails are sent.

Facebook dominates all the internet users with more than 172 million visitors on their site. The time spent on Facebook is about 4.7 billion minutes with more than 532 million status each day.

Here is an Infographic by MBAOnline which visualizes the complete stats of 24 hours on internet:




How do you spend your day on Internet? Drop your answers onto the comment section.

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