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Chrome Surpasses IE Market Share for the First Time in History!

Google Chrome has been one of the fastest growing web browser in the history! Chrome enjoyed the spot of being the second most used web browser in the world, which was once bestowed with Firefox. Till yesterday when this Google product went ahead and surpassed IE to take over the crown of being the most used web browser in the world.

Yes, Chrome browser has been a big nightmare for Microsoft and Mozillaians when it comes to market share of web browsers. From the day when it launched its beta version, Chrome started acquiring the big market. Reason being very simple, a dedicated Chromium team and mind-blowing new features.

Chrome – the No.1 Browser!

According to StatCounter, Chrome accounted a market share of 32.71% last Sunday. On the same day, IE reported share of 32.5% which is exactly 0.2% lesser than Chrome, followed by 24.88% for Firefox. It is a big shock for Microsoft and IE team as it lost its No.1 place for the very first time in 13 years!

However on the other hand Microsoft has come out strongly to defend their Market share. They feel Net Application provides the proper data when compared to 2 market analytic firms.

Microsoft Fights Back!

According to Net Application and Microsoft, Chrome has accounted for 4.3% daily unique visits due to its prerendering feature in last month. But the analytics companies feel that pre-rendering may be inflating Chrome numbers. Removal of prerendered browser statistics has accounted a dip in Chrome’s Market share in February 2012!

On a regional basis,

  • Asia – Chrome is now No.1 browser
  • Africa – Chrome has overtaken IE and now a second most popular browser behind Firefox
  • Europe – browser market is a tight fight between IE, Chrome and Firefox
  • North America – IE leads the market with Chrome in second place
  • South America – Chrome leads the market with stiff 50% market share!

For the entire month, IE still leads the market. IE currently stands at 34.78% while Chrome is at 30.91% and Firefox at 25.04%. The trend shows that Microsoft will surrender about 0.9 points of share this month, Google will gain about 1 point and Mozilla will add about 0.2 points.


Chrome browser market share has been increasing tremendously year-on-year. IE has almost lost its share and ready to lose the top spot in coming months. If we closely look at StatCounter graph, Chrome might overtake IE somewhere between May and June in this year.


What do you think about think fierce web browser war? Does Chrome deserve to crown No.1 spot? Share your thoughts 🙂

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