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The Global Map Of Pinteresting (Infographic)

Every data has to be curated in order to turn it into an useful information. This basic rule is the key-holder of Pinterest. Pinterest dominates its users to curate content in the form of virtual boards. Hence, it has grown rapidly all over the world.

It is already stated that most of the retailers are using Pinterest for successful branding and sales. It has become one of the biggest competitor to Facebook and hence is continuing its rivalry with other social networks.

Recently, Pinterest hired Tim Kendall, the man behind the blueprint for Facebook’s monetization (source). This is very crucial step taken by them to transform their social network into a real business.

2012 is the year of infographics & moreover interactive infographics. So we have collaborated with ColorJam to produce an infographic which visualizes the global data usage of Pinterest in various countries.

The infographic below describes the popularity of Pinterest in different countries, with percentage of users and page views.

Infographic [Click to enlarge]


This is our first infographic creation, so please share with all your friends and do provide your valuable suggestions through comments !! Thanks for reading 😀

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