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Maxthon Browser Beats Chrome and Tops HTML5 Test!

HTML5HTML5 the fifth revision of HTML standards is still under development. But all the browser makers have started supporting the latest HTML tags. Chrome was the known browser which supported most of the tags. Maxthon, a relatively less known web browser, beats all major browsers on HTML5 Test standards.

Maxthon, originally known as MyIE2, is a free web browser for Microsoft Windows, and is also available on Android as Maxthon Mobile. The latest release, version 3, supports both the Trident and the WebKit rendering engines. Initially developed using Trident engine, but now has WebKit as its default engine.

It was a shocking for us when we started testing browsers with latest build. Recently, I was added to a Facebook group called “Maxthon Browser”. I was very curious to know about it and, hence installed this browser and performed the HTML5 test.

Well the results are here. Maxthon browser supports most of the HTML5 tags when compared to leading and well-known browsers.

#1. Maxthon Browser 3.3.7 HTML5 Score: 440/500

Maxthon 3.3.7 HTML5 Test Score

#2. Google Chrome 19 HTML5 Score: 415/500

Google Chrome 19 HTML5 Test Score

#3. Opera 12 HTML5 Score: 394/500

Opera 12 HTML5 Test Score

#4. Firefox 14 HTML5 Score: 354/500

Firefox 14 HTML5 Test Score

#5. Safari 5.1.4 HTML5 Score: 328/500

Safari 5 HTML5 Test Score

#6. Internet Explorer 10 HTML5 Score: 322/500

IE10 HTML5 Test Score

These are the latest score on HTML5 test. Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon, says about this achievement,

These independent findings confirm we have the best browser for now and the future of HTML5. We are leading the way in HTML5 performance, backed by our proprietary GPU hardware acceleration technology and other standards that make the web run faster.

Know about Maxthon!

  1. First browser with tabs.
  2. First browser to offer cloud-based services for syncing bookmarks and history.
  3. Unique features like Download Sniffer, Split Screen, Ad Hunter, Drag & Drop Commands and Search, Pop-up Video, Customizable User Interface and more!

Download Maxthon Browser

Kudos to Maxthon team on topping HTML5 test! Download the latest version of this browser. To check how much your browser score on HTML5 test visit Will it be the new addition to browser wars?! Lets see!

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