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How To : Get Pinterest Style UI on Google+

The new Google+ interface seems to be more promising and effective for marketers.  After more than 10 months of Google+ journey, they have undergone several changes and will increase their growth in the upcoming months.

If you’re a Pinterest lover, then you will love to have the Pinterest UI on your Google+ stream. Here’s a small trick to transform your Google+ stream into Pinterest Style UI.

Follow the steps below to get Pinterest style UI on Google+:

Step 1: Install Greasemonkey Script

Click here to navigate to the userscripts page and click “Install” button as shown below:

Step 2: Enjoy the Pinterest Style

Once the script is installed, you can refresh your Google+ stream and enjoy with the Pinterest UI 🙂

Click to Enlarge

Note: This script works only on screens having resolution larger than 1024×768 

Below is a small video tutorial by Ravi Misal, on how to install the script and get the Pinterest style UI.

Pinterest style UI for Google+ (VIDEO)


So did you like this Pinterest UI for Google+ ?? 🙂 Share it with your friends if you liked it 😀

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