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15 Best Pinterest Google Chrome Extensions

As previously mentioned, you need to integrate Pinterest onto your blog to get more traffic. Why not get even more traffic and authority by using Pinterest?? :). Yes, you heard it right. Integration is the 1st phase of Pinterest Traffic. Next phase is to start using it productively.

After exploring the Pinterest WordPress plugins, today let’s look at some of the best Google Chrome Extensions to increase the productivity on Pinterest.

1. Quick Pinterest

This extension allows you to pin the images on any website without any popups, with just a “right click” of the mouse as shown above.

Install Quick Pinterest

2. Pinterest Image Expander

It magnifies the image for a better view when hovered over the particular pin.

Install Pinterest Image Expander

3. Pinterest Pin It Button (by Shareaholic)


This is an handy extension, works similar to that of “Pin It” bookmark button. Additionally, it includes a pin counter of the particular page.

Install Pinterest Pin It Button

4. Pinzy

Pinzy lets you to see the image of that pin in a proper proportion when mouse hovered on it
Install Pinzy

5. Pinterest Pro

A must have Chrome extension for any Pinterest user. It includes Photo Zoom, Right Click Sharing and Popular Pins Tabulation Feature.

Install Pinterest Pro

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