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The Evolution of Programming (Infographic)

Ever since 1950’s, the world of programming has evolved till now. I myself remember when I was 8 years old, we were taught BASIC in our schools. It was all about writing simple understandable lines of codes and getting the output. But when we wanted to display a GUI interface, it involved many more lines of coding.

After 10 years we all were taught Visual Basic which makes use of better GUI. It involves more lines of coding and has better controls to make our work easier. This is how the programming world has evolved and still continuing…

The Programming Evolution started with FORTRAN in the year 1954, after which it has evolved to many other programming languages based on the requirements of the interface.

Here is an Infographic by Services Angle which visualizes the evolution of programming, right way from 1954 to till now.


Infographic [Click to Enlarge]


So what might be the programming evolution of 2012, drop your answers into the comment section 🙂

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