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How to Test the Working of your Antivirus – EICAR Test

Have you ever wondered how to test your Antivirus software to ensure it’s proper working? Well here is a quick and easy way to test your antivirus. The process is called EICAR test which will work on any antivirus and was developed by European Institute

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Book your slot with Gmail and Google Calender

Few days back i wanted to have a chat with one of my friend. But whenever i ping he was busy. I just felt why should i disturb someone who is always busy. Then something strike in my mind why can’t i send him a

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Shutdown your PC using CMD's "Shutdown" Command

Let me ask you all one thing first. You think Windows will simply shutdown when you press shutdown button? NO! It wont. Sometimes a few things will close, but it get’s stuck or there ends up being loads of programs that want to be ended