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Shutdown your PC using CMD's "Shutdown" Command

Let me ask you all one thing first. You think Windows will simply shutdown when you press shutdown button? NO! It wont. Sometimes a few things will close, but it get’s stuck or there ends up being loads of programs that want to be ended first..

Ok know let me tel u all how to shut down your PC soon. Use CMD as below,

1)      Open CMD or COMMAND prompt

2)      Type “shutdown [PARAM]”. Replace [PARAM] with one of below,

a)      -i – will display an interactive window telling you that the computer will shut down in xx seconds.

b)      -s – shut down the computer without any message.

c)       -r – restart the computer.

d)      -t [xx] – to be used with the “i” parameter. Customize the amount of seconds till shutdown (replace [xx] with seconds).

e)      -c [abc] – to be used with the “i” param. Customize the message that shows on the shutdown message. (Replace [abc] with whatever text you like. 127 letter max!)

f)       -f – this is a useful one! It shuts down the computer without waiting for dead programs to end. It will end all the programs immediately.

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