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Microsoft comes with Antivirus now!!

OOPS!! God of Operating systems. God of WINDOWS!! Here Mr.OS comes with virus fighter Mr.Antivirus now 🙂

Microsoft released its first Antivirus for free. Before anyone going for it let me tell you all one thing. As Microsoft strongly checks for GENUINENESS of Operating system we are using in few updates, they have added this option with Antivirus as well. So guys who have genuine OS can surely go for it. As I have a genuine OS i got my copy and its working nicely 🙂

Well then why should we go with another antivirus when we getting everything from one provider and it supports all versions of windows even on windows 7. And see the features,

  1. antivirus
  2. anti-malware
  3. anti-spyware

Microsoft asks a question like this..“Proven antivirus protection for free?”

OK now go and get your copy now here.

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