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Book your slot with Gmail and Google Calender

Few days back i wanted to have a chat with one of my friend. But whenever i ping he was busy. I just felt why should i disturb someone who is always busy. Then something strike in my mind why can’t i send him a mail and book his slot to have a chat with me.

Then i started typing a mail. It crossed 300 more words as i was briefing about what was the matter.!!

But let me tell you this guy is very creative. He won’t talk until its interesting. Then i saw something next to “Attach a file” like this,

I was very shocked to see this!! Its a calender which you can attach in your mail.


I just filled all the information as above and clicked Insert Invitation button and it got inserted into my mail as below,


Thats it!! I am done with my task. Sometimes little bit of knowledge can make a miracle 🙂

Make use of the facilities which google provides with ease.

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