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[How To] Boost your Old posts with Twitter in WordPress

[How To] Boost your Old posts with Twitter

    OLD is GOLD “ , very true statement but also  I see many times Bloggers saying “My posts have become old and hence not receiving any visits or traffic”. This post is my answer to their question. Today I am going to show you how to boost your old posts with Twitter in WordPress blogs.

    So here is an interesting wordpress plugin->  Tweet Old Post , which is used to tweet all your posts to your twitter account  randomly based on the time intervals specified by you. Below are few features of this amazing plugin :

  • Tweet Prefix : Now you can add few prefixes or tags which will be placed at the starting of the tweets in the format
    “{tweet prefix}:{Post Title}…{url}”

  • Post Data : If this option is set to yes then automatically the tweet format will be
    “{tweet prefix}:{Post Title}—{Content}…{url}”

  • URL from Custom Field : This option will allow to fetch the shortened url from the custom field specified by you or else it will use the url shortener in the deafault list as shown below :List of url shortener
    • #Hash tags : You can also insert default hash tags to be included in the Tweet.
    • Time interval : The Minimum Time interval for the Tweet and Random Tweet Interval can be set in this plugin.
    • Post Age :  Depending on the age of the post , this plugin will tweet the posts. This feature has left behind many twitter schedulers.
    • Category Based : The posts will be avoided of selected category as shown below

    Categories to Omit from tweets

    How to Install and Configure

    After installing and activating this plugin , fill the required fields as shown below :

    Configure Tweet Old  Post WordPress Plugin

    After filling the required fields click on Update Tweet Old Post Option and  Tweet Now to start tweeting at that instant of time. 🙂 🙂

    update and start off with plugin


    Thanks to Ajay Matharu


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    How do you promote your Old posts? 🙂 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

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