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No Instant Search Blacklist in Chrome 7

Google chrome 7.0.541

Google is inching towards its next fully loaded Chrome 7 first public beta in few days down the line. From the day one, we have been updating our users about the every movement of Chrome 7 and some of its amazing features.

Recently we saw Google Instant search is being integrated in Chrome 7 with other great features like GUP Acceleration, HTML5 etc. When we come to web version of Instant search, yesterday a huge list of keyword has been published on net by which have been blacklisted by Google.

Many words like i hate, naughty, are, pamela Anderson have got blacklisted on web version of Google Instant search! But there are many words which had to be blacklisted long back by Google and currently been done.

Google chrome 7 instant search blacklist

Still! There is some good news for Google Instant Search lovers. Current nightly build version 7.0.541.0 is working opposite to web version of Instant Search. More than 500 keywords blocked by Google in Instant Search is openly available through Chrome’s integrated search feature.

So its clear. By using latest Chrome build, user can avail the full advantage of Google Instant Search just by typing these keyword in URL bar. Well these words still can be viewed by pressing enter button in web version of Google!

To avail fully fledged Instant search download latest nightly build and follow the steps to enable Google Instant Search in Chrome. Well we may expect these keyword will be blocked in final beta or at least in next nightly build 🙂

Do you like these words to be blocked in final Chrome 7 release? Share your thoughts 🙂

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