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Welcome to Twitter @Gmail :)

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Hello friends,you heard it right :), Gmail- one of the most successful Google product has joined Twitter recently to tweet the latest news, tips and tricks for using Gmail.

Although this step should have been taken by Google Team long back , but now it seems to be a good news for the Gmail users who can get solutions to all their queries regarding Gmail and it’s use.

Why @Gmail on Twitter ?

This seems to be a very simple question with many answers hidden inside it 😉

  • Firstly , @Google can’t itself solve all the queries of the Gmail users as there are many more Google Products which are under 12 years old Google Inc. So now all alone @Gmail will help it’s users in fixing any problems if occurred.
  • Gmail seems to be growing from time to time and hence would love to read the user’s feedback and suggestions. Twitter being a heavy source of Gmail users are always welcomed to shoot their queries to @Gmail

How to with @Gmail ?

You can direct Tweet to @Gmail or by including  hashtag #gmail in your tweets which will be periodically viewed by the Gmail Team.

Recently we saw Google is working hard towards its next big release,Chrome 7. There are many changes happening in Google world. Some great features like Instant search, UI tabs etc, has been added.


So what are you waiting for, jump into @Gmail and Follow 🙂 . Time to get some ultimate updates directly from Gmail 🙂

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