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About Sunil Jain

sunil jain

Sunil Jain,CEO(Tech18)

Hi everybody I am Sunil Jain ,20 years old and I am the creator of this blog.I was very passionate about blogging and hacking,atlast blogging became my interest and my love.

The very first day when I had accessed the Computer was when I was doing my 12th, and from ┬áthere after I never got time to spend on anything other than my computer ­čśë . I started my blogging ┬ájourney with a group of techies with a site of freebies (piracy) and then later┬árealized┬áthat it will ┬ánever workout and hence came up with my own blog Gupshupblog [which is now Tech18 :)]

I’ve completed my BCA from SBMJC,Bangalore.

You can tweet with me => @gupshupblog

About Sunny Bhasin

I am Sunny Bhasin , 1st co-owner of this blog . I started blogging recently and now going deeper and deeper into wordpress and designs . If you would like to help me in any manner then just contact me .

Update: Currently Sunny Bhasin is not blogging as he’s busy with his studies.

About Vinay Gowda

 vinay gowda

Hey all,

I am Vinay Gowda, 2nd co-owner of this blog. Well I have only few words say about me here. I am working in MNC (sorry I shouldn’t take company name outside). I am a BCA graduate. Senior of Sunil Jain. We both first met in our college.

Started blogging from April 2010. Sunil helped me lot in setting up my own blog. Then one day we both discussed about blogging world which made to join hands with Sunil in Tech18.

We both are very passionate about BLOGGING! .

Follow me on twitter @v_nayk , you can be my friend in Facebook by clicking here and follow me in Google+ : vinay k

Thanks for visiting our site and reading our profiles ­čÖé have a nice time ­čÖé

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