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The Complete Journey of Steve Jobs and Apple [Infographic]

Steve Jobs, the X Apple CEO who has given his major and unforgettable contributions to Apple Inc., for which people including myself will always respect him and his ideal of working. Although Mr. Jobs will still be the Chairman of Apple, we will still miss him as a CEO who very much believed in acting on an idea.

Steve Jobs headed two big organisations, Apple Inc. and the Pixar Animation Studio. He was forced to leave Apple in the year 1985 and returned back in 1997 :). Watch the below video of Steve Jobs, where he speaks about his passion and how he managed to come back to Apple 😀

To watch more videos of Steve Jobs, have a read here – 10 Best Moments of Steve Jobs [Video]

Below is an Infographic by Laptopmag, which describes the complete timeline of  Steve Jobs and Apple:




Image Courtesy : betacontinua

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