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Browser Stats: Internet Explorer Market Share Goes Below 40%!

browser war : chrome v/s ie v/s firefox

There has been lots of changes happening with browsers and we have been updating every bit of change in browser wars. Browser wars is a term started way back in September 1997 when Microsoft shipped its 4th version of Internet Explorer (IE). The reason was all clear as IE was the first browser to compete against Netscape and users were confused choosing between them!

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer completed its 16 years on August 16th. It took more than 2 years to get a handful of users for Internet Explorer and soon after release of version 4 in 1998, IE’s market share raised to 50%! There was no room for Netscape and it has to shut down.

IE Falls Below 40% Market Share For The First Time In 13Yrs!

When Mozilla entered browser wars, IE started losing slices of market share to Firefox, however, still maintained its legacy. When Microsoft started thinking it almost won the match then enters our search engine giant Google with its slimmest and fastest browser Chrome!

browser stat : IE share

Chrome started eating IE’s and Firefox’s market share from day one and never showed sign of stopping. IE’s market share gradually started declining and by the end of 2010 it came down below 50%. Firefox and Chrome are the two browsers which took nearly 45% of share and rest were shared between Opera, Apple’s Safari and others.

According to StatCounter, IE market share continues its steady decline and has fallen below 40% and settled at 39.9% by the end of Sunday. On August 8, 2010 IE’s market share was at 50%.

Chrome Nearing 25% share and Threatening Firefox for 2nd Spot!

Yes! You heard it right. Chrome has got nearly a quarter of the market share within 3 years! Google’s latest release cycle has worked out for them and Chrome continues to grow bigger and bigger day by day! By the end of last week, Chrome market share was 24.8% and Firefox dropped below 28%, ending the week with 27.23%.

browser stat : chrome v/s firefox

So that is just 3% difference between Chrome and Firefox market share. If IE continues to loose same amount of market share Chrome will surpass Firefox in a couple of months from now!

Do you think Chrome will lead Browser market share and browser wars in coming years? Will IE or Firefox strike back? Share your thoughts! Let’s discuss! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Browser Stats: Internet Explorer Market Share Goes Below 40%!”

  1. Mandeep says:

    I like Chrome but I’m a huge Firefox fan, been using it since it was called Phoenix. I hope the rise of Chrome will light a fire under Mozilla to really step up and improve Firefox. It’s gotten a lot faster and lighter over the last few releases, and Firefox 7 is awesome, but it’s still playing catchup to Chrome and not leading the way forward in terms of the tech used. Separate processes per tab would be a big next step for Firefox to take.

  2. Lyn @ Free Books says:

    We’re expecting this to happen, IE is history though I’m still using FF and planning switch to Chrome anytime soon.

  3. Norm says:

    I started way back using Netscape, always liked it better than IE. When Netscape quit upgrading I switched to Mozilla. The platforms were very comparable. Now I use Safari.  I like the “top sites” home page, the “history” page, the ease of use. It should be more popular. I guess all the PC users don’t know it works on their PC’s.

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