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How To : Claim Your Brand on Twitter

Twitter, a microblogging paltform which allows each and every individual to showcase themesleves in 140 characters tweets. We people never thought of using it for our bussiness, but now things have changed.

All the small & large scale companies are using Twitter to interact with their customers and receive the required feedback which helps them to develop their products more effectively. Below is a video which will tell you on How to use Twitter for Business:


Branding is the 1st step for any company to use Twitter effectively. To know more about Branding on Twitter have a read here 🙂 ~> Power of Twitter in Engaging with Brands [Infographic]

As seen in the above video, every business needs a Brand and for a successful Brand their Twitter handle is more important, but what would you do if your handle is already taken and is inactive for long time. So today I’m going to give you a complete step by step guide on how to claim your Brand on Twitter by acquiring the required inactive Twitter handle :

Step 1 : Trademark Registration

Firstly you need to register your Brand as a Trademark and to register you need to check for your near by Trademark Registration Consultants . Trademark Registration includes checking of the availability of the Trademark name and registering the Trademark under the respective class.

Once your Trademark is registered then you’ll be given a Trademark[TM] Application No. which will be required in our next step. This process is a paid service given by the Trademark Registration Consultants. So if you can afford, then it’s well and good 🙂

Note : In my case I had registered “Tech18” under the class No.41 which falls in the Blogging Category 🙂

Step 2 : Submit a Ticket Request to Twitter

You need to submit a Ticket Request to Twitter by clicking here. Below is the screenshot of the form to be filled to “Submit” to Twitter Support.

 After filling all the required fields, click on the “Submit” button.

Step 3 : Email Confirmation from Twitter

After submitting the Ticket, you’ll receive a mail confirmation from Twitter within few minutes as shown below:

Withing 7 working days one of the crew from the Support Team will mail you as shown below :


Thanks for providing this information. In order to process a username transfer, please choose from one of the following options:

1. If you would like the name to replace the username on an existing Twitter account that you’re already using, reply to this email and list that account’s current username.
2. If you don’t have a Twitter account or would like to create a new account for use with the requested username, please create an account with a placeholder username that we’ll change (@tempname123, for example). You can sign up for an account here:

If you have an email address at your official company domain, please be sure the account is registered with an email at that domain. This makes it much easier to help if you lose access to your account in the future.

Once you reply with the account name, we’ll replace the name of the account with the requested username. A username transfer only changes the username of your account, so all the content on your placeholder account (followers, Tweets) will remain intact. Your previous username will then be released immediately for use by other accounts.

Please note that this email is not a guarantee that we will be able to make the requested transfer.

Thank you,

Twitter Trust & Safety

In the above mail, as you can see you are given two options, i.e. If you already have a Twitter account then you can reply them with your Twitter Account to be replaced else if you don’t have a Twitter account then you’ll have to create a temporary Twitter Account and reply them with the respective Handle.

Once you reply them with the Twitter Handle within 5 working days, you’ll receive the confirmation mail as shown in the below image:



So Finally you’ve claimed your Brand on Twitter by acquiring the Twitter Handle you wanted for Branding 😀 . Thanks for reading and if you liked it then don’t forget to hit the “Tweet” button and hit the comment section if you’ve any more questions on Twitter Branding 🙂

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