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Power of LinkedIn in INDIA [Infographic]

LinkedIn, the social network of professionals where people connect to each other to know more about their works and professional life. It is the only business social network which has manage to become one of the most popular social network.

Usually Social Networks are meant for sharing personal life as well as your professional life, but LinkedIn concentrates more on the professional life and hence provides its users to create their profiles which is showcased in the form of resume to other users.

With an massive user base of 120+ million people across 200+ countries all over the worldwide, LinkedIn is strongly moving forward to its successful journey in the battle of Social Networks. Although Facebook,Twitter and Google+ are now the most dominant players of the Social networks, but these sites are not stable enough to form a business related social networking site as that of LinkedIn.

Here is a small video which gives a clear vision of “What is LinkedIn and How it works” ? :

Now after having an clear idea “How LinkedIn works”, let us know how is LinkedIn strengthening its presence in India. LinkedIn India started in the year 2009 in Mumbai as its headquarters and now they are having two more branches in Gurgaon and Bengaluru (Bangalore).

LinkedIn India has reached the 10 million milestone as of June 2011 and currently 11+ million and counting (Latest data). In India Linkedin has helped many brands to target their advertising campaigns at professionals.  It has helped many recruiters to get the best talent among the 11+ million Indian LinkedIn users.

Here is an Infographic by eyedealab which describes how

  • Linkedin is strengthening it’s presence in India
  • Top 10 Indian Industries which are actively using Linkedin
  • Top 10 surnames of LinkedIn Indian users
  • Timeline of LinkedIn in India and many more



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