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The Birth of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [Infographic]

Ever since we got used to our heavy laptops which we had to carry everywhere and work in all sorts of environment to finish our tasks, things have changed as the tablets are now in the trend which provides more features and usability than that of a smartphone and laptop.

Apple’s iPad is the most successful tablet device and is widely being used in all the countries. Although many tablets have been released, some failed to achieve the user’s attention in terms of features and looks. These days many tablets started using Android, however they weren’t able to acquire the tablet market as that of Apple’s iPad. Then Google made a good move by releasing Android’s New version 3.0 known as “Honeycomb” which was very well designed for tablets.

Samsung came up with their first Android Tablet 7” and started their tablet journey successfully until Apple came up with it’s iPad 2. Now Samsung have decided to pitch back to the tablets market share with their latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Every product is developed by successful research in that market and so Samsung, who have done a proper research, came up with Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Below is an Infographic which describes the 3 successful key points behind the development of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 :



Below are some good resources for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 🙂 :

Thanks for reading 🙂 and do let us know what’s you take for Galaxy Tab and how effectively will you use it ! 😀

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