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5+ Incredible iPhone 5 Infographics

iPhone 5, the most awaiting smartphone  and which is in trend from few months because of it’s rumored awesome features like physical keyboard, 3D display, dual sim card slots and many more.

iPhone 4 with more than 100 cool new features did hit the Smartphone Market and hence made many users to wait for the next model of iPhone – iPhone 5 🙂

The story starts with the rumor of  announcement of the iPhone5, AllthingsD  had reported that the iPhone event would take place on Oct. 4 and also Mashable predicted that the iPhone 5 will be announced between Oct. 4 2011 and Oct. 18 2011 and recently reports from All Things Digital says that it will be announcing iPhone 5 on Oct. 4 2011 😀 (via). To make this event more exciting, Facebook would also release their iPad App and may also reveal their HTML5 based application market.

Meanwhile, there have been designed some of the best Infographics related to iPhone 5 and So here are  5+ Incredible iPhone 5 Infographics which gives a clear vision of iPhone 5 and its rumored awesome features 😉  :

1. iPhone Rumored Features Roundup [Infographic]

This Infographic is by NoWhereElse, which visualizes all the rumored features of the iPhone 5 and  According to this Infographic, the iPhone 5 was supposed to be released by Sep. month, but since it was a rumor, so again it is said to be announced in Oct.


2. iPhone Evolution [Infographic]

Below is an Infographic by intomobile, which compares all the 4 models of iPhone with the upcoming iPhone 5’s features.


3. Who’s mostly like to upgrade to iPhone 5 – Part 1 [Infographic]

This infographic visualizes who all will upgrade to iPhone 5 and why. This is a series of Infographics and currently only Part 1 have been published by PaidViewPoint, very soon they’ll be coming with their remaining other 2 parts.


4. An Artistic Look At the Future Of The iPhone5 [Infographic]

Below is an Infographic designed by InfographicsLabs Team and it describes how would Leonardo da Vinci himself predict the future of iPhone 5 in his own dreaming style 😉


5. The Complete Rumors and  Roundup of iPhone5 [Infographic]

This infographic by AllAreaCodes describes the complete Rumors and Roundup of iPhone 5 and it clearly specifies that the iPhone 5 will be announced in the month of Oct. 2011.


6. How iPhone 5 compares to the competition [Infographic]

This is  an another Infographic by intomobile, which compares iPhone5’s rumored features with all its biggest competitors like Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Evo 3D and Motorola DROID Bionic.



7. 9 Reasons Not To Buy An iPhone 5 [Infographic]

After reading all the above iPhone 5 Infographics, its time for you to have some laugh by reading this Infographic by MacTrast, which lists out 9 funny Reasons Not to buy ans iPhone 5 😀  :



So would you love to buy an iPhone 5 or will still stick on to your old smartphones ?? 😉 Thanks for Reading 😀

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