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How To : Find And Remove Inactive People From Your Google+ Circle!



Social Networking is one such place where people always love to spend their time. It is a place where people share their thoughts,reviews and trying being themselves. Today Social Networking is just filled with standard keywords : likes, comments, share, uploading pics, chatting with friends, video chatting, tweeting, retweeting etc.

How many times have you met a person who’s an online friend of yours. We meet many people online who appear and disappear like strangers. Personally I’ve come across these issues several times in different social networking sites.

A recent entry to this list is Google+. As it is still a newly born baby in this area, people tend to follow and add some big personality into their circle. One good example was Mr. Mark Zuckerberg’s G+ account. Nobody knows it’s a real or fake account. Still millions of people added him to their circle.

Why cant we just recognize these inactive people in our circle and remove them to make room for others?

Chrome Extension: Uncircle+


Here is an useful Chrome extension which can just scroll through your Google+ circles and helps you out in removing inactive people from the selected circle.

Who are inactive people?

Inactive people are those people in your circles who have not shared anything (for example: original posts, reshares, private posts, public posts, hangouts, profile photo changes) with you. Having at least 1 of these activities (no matter how far in the past) means that person is “active”. Having none of these activities at all means that person is “inactive”.

Why do you need it?

Google+ lets you add a maximum of 5000 people to your circles. Nevertheless, not all of the people in your circles are active. Therefore, you end up having lots of inactive people in your circles which count towards the quota.

How does it work?

  1. Collects a listing of people you’ve added to your circles.
  2. Checks the activity of people in all circles or a circle you have selected.
  3. Shows you inactive people and lets you select which ones to remove.
  4. Removes selected inactive people upon your command.

Well that’s an handy extension for Chrome users. What are you waiting for friends? Go and grab it now.

Download Extension

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