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Interesting Facts About Blogging World (Infographic)

Blogosphere also known as the Blogging World, which is growing very rapidly and helping us to explore more bloggers and their blogs.

Blogging in one of way of expressing yourself, either by writing about your own life or by writing your views on your interest. Blogging is being adapted as both part-time and full-time job by many bloggers and are successfully maintinaing different types of blogs.

According to BlogPulse and Technorati, there are 164 million blogs as per July 2011 and these numbers are increasing due to the urge to beat the static websites.

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Here are some quick facts about Blogging from the below Infographic :

  • 64% of Bloggers are Hobbyists and 27% of Bloggers are Full-Time Bloggers
  • 21% of Bloggers are Blogging for more than 6 years
  • 25% of Bloggers are using mobile devices for Blogging
  • Search Engines (48%) and Social Media (28%) are the two major traffic sources for blogs
  • 40% of Bloggers are using WordPress as their blogging paltform
  • 30% of Bloggers lie in the age group of 25-34 years and 27% are of age group 35-44 years
  •  11% of Bloggers earn their Primary Income from Blogging
  • 40% of Bloggers are earning by displaying ads on their blogs
Let’s not the list all the facts here 😛 , below is an Infographic by Invesp which covers some of the interesting facts about Blogging World which is also known as Blogosphere :




So friends, which fact did you find more interesting and why ?? 🙂 Hit the Comments Section.

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