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How To: Easily Create Your Own Chrome Web App!

google chrome customizing

Are you a great Google follower and have plans of making your entry by creating some app? Ever wondered you can go and create something which puts your idea in to place? If you are a Google Chrome user, along with 100’s of features you can even play around with some nice hidden entities which we are speaking here today.

Almost a year back Chrome created something different than their rivals who were (and still) playing around with add-ons. Google came up with a new application system for its Chrome browser named as Chrome web apps. These were coded using C / C++!! Do you still remember them? :-/

Firstly let us get to know What really is Google Chrome Web App by watching the below video:

Well here we got a small video which shows how best you can make use of Chrome browser to get what you want!

How To: Easily Create Your Own Chrome Web App

Wasn’t that simple and easy friends ? 🙂 , Drag and drop any Most Visited websites into  the Web Apps area and Chrome will in turn convert them into web apps.

You can now:

  1. Drag a Most Visited tile onto an apps page to get an app for it
  2. Drag a Most visited tile onto the trash (cool animations)
  3. Blacklisting a Most visited tile with the [x] looks better
  4. You don’t see the trash icon show up for things that can’t be trashed (as opposed to being able to drag onto trash but having it do nothing)

Yes, Google does values their user’s wish. Go and create apps of your most visited websites.

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