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5 Things Newbie Linux Converts Must Know

5 things Newbie Linux Converts must know<credit>

If you have been using Windows operating system and have just switched to a Linux operating system then this article is a must read for you. This article is also for those who just have a minor or no idea about Linux operating system and just want to give it a try .

Normally, it is said that Linux is quite complicated than windows and I even agree to that point but let me ask you one thing, Did you find windows easy to use when you started using it for the first time ?

There is nothing which will be easy when you first try it and after using it for 2 months, now I find Linux quite familiar and easy to use. It is more secured OS as compared to windows because any minor or major virus or script made for bugging windows can’t run in Linux.

Below listed are those 5 points which surely differs from a Windows OS and gives you clear idea on How Linux is different from Windows operating system. I hope you will love to read them:

1. Mount points, Not Drive Letters

Generally in Windows, Hard drives and its partitions are recognized by their Drive letters assigned to them but the first thing you would notice while start using a Linux OS will be this. Here, Drive and partitions are known by their mount point.

The drive which you call as “C:/” is known by “\” and called as root in Linux and everything is located beneath it. When you will insert any USB device, you will notice that it will open its mount location like “/media/USB-device-name”. If you want your separate partition then you have your mount point called “\home” and you will also find your personal document folder under it.

2. No Registry Available

Unlike Windows, there is no common registry or database available for Linux. Instead, they have individual configuration files in .XML format which you can modify on your own and make any particular changes you want to make in particular program.

This is good as compared to windows, If one database of registry fails, it will stop working and your OS will not boot up and in Linux, if any one configuration file stops working then it will make only that particular program and configuration stop working and show error and the other part of the system will be working fine. If this happens, you may always look for the help available.

3. Default Software Installer

If you want to perform any task in windows, you will look for help on Google or any other website which provides software downloads and install the software via its own installer and hope that it will uninstall everything when your task will be done. By doing this process, you end up in getting your device infected by unknown virus.

While in Linux, there is a software installer given which allows you to install any package you download and it make sure that everything goes well while you perform an install or an uninstall. It tracks every process and make sure that it does not leave any unwanted file like virus or anything else.

4. System Administrator Login

It is a common thing for Windows user to login as administrator every time they login and this is probably the main reason why they get infected by viruses so often. In modern Linux distributions, you are allowed to have an account which is almost like an admin account which can perform all the task and there is a super admin account which is called as “root”.

A root admin account is needed only when you install or uninstall or any other system task need to be performed. It requests you for the root account password for those performed tasks. You will notice that you don’t need a super admin account all the time you login. You should be doing fine even if you use your regular account which has all features unlike windows.

5. Help Is Free

Its so much fun and educational while changing to Linux from Windows but sometimes its frustrating when you can’t get the things right and somehow you end up in stop using it. But wait a second, there are so many people who has done it before and you always get help.

You may read my article on getting help with Linux if you want help. There is a wide scope for help in this OS.

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