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10+ Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

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Blogging is an extremely useful medium to share your thoughts and views with people. And it really doesn’t take much to begin~ Anyone can step into this field easily by just creating a blog (Check these out if you’re interested in creating a blog> 5 things to know before creating a blog and 10 tips to make your blog complete) via a blog host site like or Blogspot. You can even host your own page!

And that’s really all you need to get started. For tips on writing a successful blog post, check this out: How to effectively write a blog post

I’m a new blogger myself. As such, I’m about as qualified to proffer advice on blogger as an over-caffeinated chipmunk. Instead, I’ll be sharing with you, my personal experiences and how i deal with them~

When I started writing, one of my greatest fears, was the possibility of running out of topics. If you share that fear, you might be interested in checking out my “10 ways to overcome Writer’s block” (True story)

1. Write about your passions

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Choose your topic wisely. Love what you write and write what you love. I have found that by focusing on your passion, you  can generate good quality content on a regular basis.

I mean, it’s what you love, you should know more about it than anyone else! Why shouldn’t you have more to write about?

2. Be yourself; write about yourself

Transparency is something you often see in many blogs which attracts more readers. However, it can also help you to fuel your creative juices ;). Pay attention to what you feel and what you observe, then write about it. You’ll be surprised!

3. Research

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This is an old trick ;), but that doesn’t make it any less true. Follow these steps to successfully research on any topic of your interest :

  • Read up on relevant articles.
  • Check out interesting videos.
  • Actively search for topics or viewpoints that are similar to your topic. They don’t have to be in tune with your message. They just have to be relevant. Some of the best articles I’ve read are good debates on concepts and ideas!

Note: Be sure to link back to the original content though~ It’s just good etiquette.

4. Relax


This is not a writing process, but just emptying your mind, enjoying some music and enjoying your favorite beverage, can be the best weapon against that damned writer’s block.

5. Write in advance


Make sure you  have at least 2 topics ready at any given point of time. Set aside a small amount of time to decide on what comes next. Take the time to draft them out.

6. Pen down your thoughts

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Inspiration can come at any given point of time. You may be walking, reading, talking, dreaming, it doesn’t really matter. The trick is to note down your thoughts immediately. I personally have a notepad on my desktop that documents all my thoughts. Whenever, I’m looking for a topic, I just head to my desktop and double-click on “ImThinking.txt” and pick my own mind~ =D

7. Talk


Talk to people. Listen to their views. Bounce your ideas off them and see what they have to say. Also, don’t forget to listen to yourself! This can really help shape your next topic!

Note: If possible, record the conversation. Tip via:

8. Have an identity

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It’s important to understand who you are as a blogger. How you position your “identity” will guide you in writing posts based on the relevant topic.

Check out => 7 Steps To Building Your Online Identity

9. Random writing

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Having a topic in mind doesn’t give you a post. Sometimes, I find myself staring at a blank word document for hours trying to think about how to put across the right message.

My solution: Randomly write words that are relevant to the topic. Keep going till you have about 5 lines of senseless Jargon. Then make sense out of it.

10. Environment

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Write in an environment that’s writer friendly. By that, I mean good lighting, comfortable seating, clean, cool and tidy.

Imagine writing in an environment where you have to strain your eyes, constantly adjust the way you sit, ignore the sweat/shivering and ignore the mess. It’s not very writer friendly.

Note: Writing has forced me to make my room cleaner. If you want a cleaner room, start writing today. 😉

11. Take a break

Sometimes, the best step forward is a step back. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, staring at the piece of paper or at your computer screen isn’t going to help. Take a walk, read a book, do anything that will get your mind off the issue for awhile. Of course, don’t wander off and never come back. Set a time limit that works for you. Place an alarm so you don’t have to worry about it till you hear the time’s up. Try it, it helps!

Note: Credited to Paul and Matt~ 😉

So there you go~ Writing has been an interesting and enjoyable experience for me. But it’s not bed of roses. Plenty of work goes into each post but it’s all worth it in the end!

“I’m new but I’m doing it.”

“Happy Blogging 🙂 “


31 thoughts on “10+ Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block”

  1. peri says:

    These are great reminders! I will keep coming back to this page every time I sit down to write. 🙂

    1. Lovtoo says:

      Hi Ms Peri,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading my post! I'm glad you found it useful.. Do check back often~ I'll be posting on my other experiences as a new blogger here, every week! =D

      Take care now~

  2. mark says:

    Hi Shawn,

    I tend to talk to my wife a bit when I run out of ideas. And that does not go just for blogging. There are many things that she seems to do better than me, so it really helps.

    Also, I really like writing about the things that I am learning for other projects I am working on, so the research idea makes a lot of sense to me.

    Great list!

    1. Lovtoo says:

      Hi Mr Mark,

      It sounds like your wife is wise, indeed! And it take s wise man to seek counsel from the wise~

      Thanks so much for reading~ I hope you found it useful~ =D


  3. Pablo Lara H says:

    It is always useful to keep in mind some rules in case of blocking. Thanks for the sharing.

    1. Lovtoo says:

      Hey Mr Pabo,

      Thanks for reading!

      Its always nice to share.. I hope you've found the post useful~ Do check back often.. I'll be posting every week~


  4. Whiztechy says:

    All tips are really important to overcome Writer's block. I always prefer to note down the idea as soon as i get idea and prefer to use mindmap which always help me to avoid Writer's block.

    1. Lovtoo says:


      Taking down ideas plays a huge part. One of the things I hate the most, is having ideas that I can't remember when I need them.. I've found that it's best to be prepared for inspiration when it comes.

      Thanks so much for reading.. I'll be posting every week on my personal observations as a new blogger.. Do check back often~


  5. Jayce says:

    Yes, be unique. Google love it too. 🙂

    1. Lovtoo says:

      Hey there! Thanks for visiting~

      Heh Short, simple and true. I think that the most captivating contents tend to be our unique perspectives. Something that cannot be found elsewhere. I think that's what keeps people interested; the transparency of the voice.

      Not to mention that it helps separates yourself from others too~


  6. Shirley Kelly says:

    Excellent post. I'm a blogger and have found myself using the techniques above. Ideas can sometimes come from watching the news or reading a book, magazine or newspaper. Ideas strike me while walking in the mall or sitting at a stop light. Inspiration comes from all around us in our everyday routine.

    1. Lovtoo says:

      Let me begin with thanks for reading and leaving a comment~ I really appreciate it! =D

      I agree! The trick is being ready for it when it comes~ Its especially frustrating, knowing that you already have an idea and forgetting what it is.. Lol!

      Once again, thanks. Do check back often~ I'll be posting here every Tuesday on my experiences as a new blogger and the ways I deal with them~ =D

      Shawn (@lovtoo)

  7. Matt says:

    I have found that the best way to overcome writer's block is to go for a long walk. I try and do that every day after I've been working hard at the PC.

    And when I walk, I always try to go a different way, too. So I'm not just walking past places I've seen a hundred times before; I'm actually taking in the scenery as well as all the fresh air.

    Having a break like that is usually enough to get the ideas flowing again.

    1. Lovtoo says:

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for reading and commenting~ =D

      That's a great point! I've recently returned from a break myself. Sometimes, working too hard can work against oneself. Sometimes, the best step forward, is a step back.

      Walking a new route exposes you to new views; views that you would never have known had you not made the choice to diversify. These views may very well provide you with the inspiration you needed~ =D

      Thanks for sharing,

  8. Paul @ Container Gar says:

    These are profound ideas Shawn! I also tried some of your advice and it worked just fine. From my personal experience, take a break! Leave your house, unwind, plan a vacation or read a book.

    1. Lovtoo says:

      Hi Mr Paul,

      I'm glad the pointers helped~ I've also taken the liberty of adding an eleventh point to the list via your (and matt's) suggestion~

      Thanks for reading and commenting~


  9. SSL Certificate says:

    This is something I deal with quite often, its hard… but sometimes when you just start to do it everything starts flowing nicely. Also… taking a nice walk helps for me at least.

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