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How To : Join Google+ Using Chrome App [Official]

Google+ has become of one of most popular social networking site from past 3 days. As Google+ is still on beta and testing version, users cannot join it so easily. This restriction by Google disappointed many of the loyal Google Product users.

Many of our friends kept on asking for Google+ invites as we found one small loophole in it and started inviting hundreds of people in our network. But it didn’t work at some point of time which made us digging more about Google+ to invite others as well.

Here we got an official confirmation from Google+ team member Dave Girouard who says,

Please tell your friends using Google Apps that we’re working to make Google+ available to them. Sorry for the delay – we need to do it right!


Yes !! . Google is really working hard on Google+ in scaling it down to accept maximum hits and stabilizing it! Well don’t get confused by Dave’s words. It’s pretty simple.

All you need to have is Google’s fastest browser Chrome and bit knowledge about how to use their Chrome application (hola, its so simple 🙂 ). If you don’t have Chrome browser please go and grab one copy today. We are not promoting it but, this way Google wants to promote its own products ;).



Now you got Chrome browser? That’s great. Please click on the below button from your Chrome browser and install the Google’s official Google+ / Google Plus Chrome app.




Once it’s installed, go to New Tab, you will find Chrome Google+ App installed under “Apps” like below,

google chrome google+ app

Click on it, it will take you to Google+ site and asks you to sign in using Google account. If you have already logged in then it will allow you to join Google+.

google+ join

That’s it. You are done! Welcome to Google+ from Tech18 team. Nice you see you here.

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UPDATE : This trick seems to be working only for few users and rest all can try out with the 1st trick which we posted, and if still you’re not able to signup, then please do subscribe so that we can get you the latest tricks for Google+ and kindly note that we will not be able to invite anyone, as we have reached limits. Thanks for Reading 🙂

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