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How To : Add Google+ Profile Button To Your Blog

Google+, the only social networking site which has buzzed all around the Internet and still many of them are hungry for the invites ;). Although we tried giving Google+ invites and also helped many in joining the Google+ without invites, but Google seems to be blocking each and every method. Google is now giving us an option to add a Google+ Profile Button using it’s neat logo as similar to that of Google+1  Button.

So let’s rush into the steps of adding the Google+ Profile Button :):

Step 1:

Browse to Google Profile Button Creation Page

Step 2:

Enter your Google+ Profile url as shown, you can either enter the Google Profile url or the Google+ Profile url.

Step 3:

Choose the appropriate Page Linking or Authorship. It has two options Content Page and Author Page.

  • Content Page refers to that page where in you’ve written your post and then at the Author Bio , you can add the Google+ Profile Button
  • Author Page refers to that page which describes only about you, juts like about page



Step 4:

Choose the preferred size of the button

Step 5:

Copy and paste the Generated Code wherever you want to display the Google+ Profile Button


You see it was so simple, check out the below button as an example 🙂

So friends, how is your Google+ experience till now and do let us know if you stuck up somewhere 🙂

Thanks to Pradeep [HellboundBloggers] 😀



7 thoughts on “How To : Add Google+ Profile Button To Your Blog”

  1. says:

    Hi Sunil

    A friend of mine was asking me how to add google plus profile button to his blog. It was hard to describe it using the telephone since my friend is a visual learner. It's a good thing that I saw your site while I was discussing with him. Thank you. You spared me some time and also helped my friend.

    1. sunil_ says:

      Hey Glen 🙂
      I am glad that it helped your friend and saved your valuable time.
      Thanks for commenting =)

  2. keepupweb says:

    Thanks Sunil. I always appreciate easy to follow posts like this. You've saved me having to research this myself.

  3. Pranav says:

    Your post is really very good. It is very easy to understand. Thanks Friend.

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