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How To : Create A Short URL For Your Google+ Profile

Google+ URL shortener

Welcome back friends 🙂 , yesterday we had learned how to add a Google+ Profile Button and I am glad that it has helped many users. Google+ seems to be very much addictive as it has attracted more than a billion visitors and hence this is a sign of end of Facebook Era.

As you all know, it’s pretty difficult to remember Google+ profile url unlike Facebook let’s it’s users to have username which is very much easy to remember like [Catch Me on Facebook], so today I came across a tool which let’s you create a short URL for your Google+ Profile like , isn’t that cool ?? 😀

So lets jump into the steps to be followed to create a short url for your Google+ Profile :

Step 1:

Navigate to


Step 2:

Enter the desired Nick Name which should me minimum of 3 characters and maximum up to 25 characters and it cannot include any number or special symbols.



Step 3:

Enter your Google+ Profile id


Step 4:

Click on the Add button and your Google+ Profile Short URL is ready.

My Google+ Profile Short URLis 🙂



Thanks for reading 🙂


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