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How To : Create A Short URL For Your Google+ Profile

Google+ URL shortener

Welcome back friends 🙂 , yesterday we had learned how to add a Google+ Profile Button and I am glad that it has helped many users. Google+ seems to be very much addictive as it has attracted more than a billion visitors and hence this is a sign of end of Facebook Era.

As you all know, it’s pretty difficult to remember Google+ profile url unlike Facebook let’s it’s users to have username which is very much easy to remember like [Catch Me on Facebook], so today I came across a tool which let’s you create a short URL for your Google+ Profile like , isn’t that cool ?? 😀

So lets jump into the steps to be followed to create a short url for your Google+ Profile :

Step 1:

Navigate to


Step 2:

Enter the desired Nick Name which should me minimum of 3 characters and maximum up to 25 characters and it cannot include any number or special symbols.



Step 3:

Enter your Google+ Profile id


Step 4:

Click on the Add button and your Google+ Profile Short URL is ready.

My Google+ Profile Short URLis 🙂



Thanks for reading 🙂



19 thoughts on “How To : Create A Short URL For Your Google+ Profile”

  1. @TheTop10Blog says:

    Thanks for that Sunil, good information to know early on before everyone starts to use them!

    I am now

    Many thanks for all the great Google+ tips 🙂

  2. @JeniseFryatt says:

    Thanks so much Sunil! I used your instructions to get the button and now I have a shortened Google+ url. These tutorials are great!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Wow, this is great info! I am now Thanks to Tony @TheTop10Blog for linking here. 🙂

  4. @CallMeColee says:

    eeks, is there any way to change it if we've made a mistake on our shortened url?? #GooglePlus

  5. rene says:

    this site is excellent

  6. @MME_manpower says:

    Wow, good & very useful post, thanks for awareness about this.

  7. allen says:

    I did as you said and now I'm finding out that is not affiliated with Google and is run by some guys in Turkey. This is so uncool I can't begin to describe it. It could be described as a scam. Please tell me how to undo this. You should also take the suggestion and instructions to do this off your blog.
    Please tell me how to undo this.

  8. Boyd says:

    I created my short Google+ profile url via

  9. Vijayraj Reddy says:

    cool tips man, thanks for sharing…

  10. Allan@Nikon P7000 says:

    Hi Sunil,
    thanks for sharing this info. I have not yet tried Google Plus but I think its good to have some competition otherwise Facebook will become too big. On the same topic, it would also be beneficial if Google had a more challenging competitor in the search market. At the moment, a lack of competition allows both of them, Facebook and Google, to do whatever they want. For us customers, we are left with only two options: take it or leave it.

  11. @SureshBhura says:

    Hello I am trying but it shows error; can you help me on this??

  12. Anonymous says:

    there is another cool url where you can get short url for your Google+ Profile – onGPL.US

  13. Buzzingup says:

    there is another cool url where you can get short url for your Google+ Profile – onGPL.US

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