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How to : Clone a Circle in Google+

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Google is one such ruler and history maker in Internet from the day they started working on their search engine. They never stopped bringing some or other innovative products into market. Well as everyone even Google had lots of ups and downs which can be ignored because of their dedication and hard-work behind them.

Well as you all know we got a yet another Social Networking site in market just two days back and yes, it by Mr. Search Engine Google! It is named as Google+ or Google Plus.

Google+ is still under testing and available for only small set of initial users. Google has opened invite button to those set of users and was removed very soon. But many people like me were waiting to get one invite so that we can feel the taste of Google Product.

Once we got an invite we started exploring more about Google+ and got an amazing trick to invite others without any invite button! And it’s working 100% fine. But users have limit of some 50 invites.

As it is a new product everyone is trying out something and sharing their experience. Here we got one for our readers.

Clone your Circle

Cloning your circle is decently faster than copying members from one group to another in Facebook. Following are the 5 simple steps to clone and create all new circles out of existing one.

Step 1: Go to Circles

Circles - Google+

Pretty famous features which every user would know it for sure.

Step 2: Choose any Circle

Select any of the available circles which you would like to clone.

google+ choose circle

Step 3: Click “View circle in tab”

google+ circle view

Step 4: Choose all or select set of people from the group

You can select everyone in the group by clicking on “More actions” -> “Select all” which will be available on top right corner.

google+ circle select option

Step 5: Drag, drop and Create new Circle

google+ original and clone circle

Once you have selected set of people, just drop them on to Create new circle.

So easy! Isn’t it? Now you can clone any circle and divide existing one into multiple circles. Special Thanks to Ruhani Rabin for sharing this pro-tip.

Following are some of the Google+ link you would like to add to your circle,

Please share your thoughts on this. Any queries? We are happy to help you anytime. 🙂

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