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5 Must Read Google+ Infographics


Google+ is one of the fastest growing Social Network, as it has crossed more than 20 millions of  users in just a span of 3 weeks of it’s launch. Google+ is the current trending topic on which all the social media experts,designers and bloggers are pitching on to get more out of it.

As a Blogger, I benefited from Google+ by writing more about Google+ and exploring more and more, which resulted in massive traffic increase of our blog in case of Pageviews, Subscribers and all other stats. How did you benefit from Google+?? 🙂

So today I would like to present you 5 must read Google+ Infographics which will help you in knowing Google+ better than before.

1. Quick Look At Google+ Features

This Infographic will give you a quick overview about Google+ features which you must know before joining Google+.


2. Google+ Privacy Configuring Tips

After joining Google+, make sure you follow the 6 steps to configuring privacy on Google+ as shown in the below Infographic



3. Google+ vs Facebook Features [Updated]

This Infographic compares the features of both Google+ and Facebook and helps you in choosing the right Social Network.


4. Facebook vs Google+

What makes Google+ fight against Facebook, this Infographic lists out the some amazing facts and figures about Facebook which is making Google+ to have a spontaneous Social War with Facebook.


5. Twitter, Google+ and Facebook Compared

One of my best ever read Infographic 🙂 , as it compares the 3 game players of Social Network – Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.



Thank you for reading all the 5 Google+ Infographics. Share these Infographics with your circle of friends and do let them know more about Google+ 😀 . If you’ve contributed to Google+ in any way by making themes, icons or plugins, then make sure you contact us or buzz me on @gupshupblog, so that I can write it in my upcoming posts about it 🙂

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