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The Android OS Comparison Chart [Infographic]

Android, the biggest competitor for Apple iOS and is yet to be having a continuous battle with iOS. Android has many features which iOS lacks and they’re making a great difference in the usage of smartphones. We can buy a smartphone at an affordable price with as many as cool features of iPhone4 and iOS and this makes Android a successful mobile operating system.

Google is not only looking forward with it’s new Social Networking product –> Google+, but also with it’s mobile OS Android, which is developing day by day and most of them are pitching on it by creating useful applications and using them in various fields.

Android are coming up with different versions periodically and we’ve seen many major changes in each version. The best part is the naming conventions of each version of Android are different types of desserts like Donut,Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb[for tablets only] and the upcoming version “Ice Cream Sandwich” which is to be released on 4th quarter of 2011.

Below is an Infographic which gives you a small journey of different versions of Android with their main features:



Thanks for reading :), So how was the journey of versions of Android OS ? Hit the comment section 😀

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