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How To: Export Google+ Contacts, Circles, Stream, +1s and Picasa Albums

Google Takeout Products - the Data Liberation Front

Welcome back! Are you wondering that @Tech18 is filled with lot’s of Google updates nowadays? Yes! We too agree with you. It’s all because of the Google’s latest product and their never ending changes towards other products.

Let us note down top 3 changes which Google did in past 3 weeks,

  1. Updating Google Menu bar
  2. Released Google+ – a new Social Networking site
  3. Redesigned Google search, Gmail and many more products

Wow! That was just a small snippet when compared to the changes going inside the huge set of Google Products.

Whenever there is lot of updates happening, users are always feared about loosing their data. We do! But here is a handy website by Google itself to export your favourite data and have a backup whenever you feel like.

Google now offers three ways to bookmark pages: Google Bookmarks and Chrome Bookmarks for private bookmarking, Google +1 for Social Bookmarking. While Google Bookmarks supports labels and Chrome Bookmarks uses folders, Google +1 doesn’t have a way to organize your Bookmarks. While Google Bookmarks and +1 have Web interfaces, you can no longer view your Chrome bookmarks online.

Two and a half weeks ago, Google launched Google Takeout using which you can export following data,

  1. +1s
  2. Buzz
  3. Contacts and Circles
  4. Picasa album
  5. Profile
  6. Google+ Stream

Following are the steps to be followed to export these data,

Step 1:  Use your Google Account to login here ->

Step 2:  Click on “Choose Services” tab

Google Takeout - Services
Step 3:  Select any service or select all services clicking on “Add all Services”
Google Takeout - choose service
Step 4: Click on “Create Archive” button
Step 5: Once archive creation is complete, click on “Download” button to Export
Google Takeout - download archive

So simple. Isn’t it? 😀

Go and export your valuable data. Keep a backup which will be helpful anytime.

Thanks for reading :D. Share with your friends if you liked it . Cheers! 🙂

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