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Google Releases Chrome 7 Stable Version!

google chrome 7 stable version

Google is back again! On 14th August, 2010 Google released the first beta of Chrome 6 and on November 3rd we got the stable version of Chrome 6. Today Google has released one more stable version.

Well as expected and as promised by Google, right after 6 weeks an another Chrome stable version has been released today. Chromium team has taken out the beta tag from Chrome 7 and has released stable version today.

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Chromium Chrome 7

On August 30th, Google started developing Chrome 7 browser under the tag name “Chromium 7“. Following are the few articles which covered every step of Chrome 7 Build,

We have been behind Chrome browser from past many months and sharing news about every move of the next ultimate browser which will be a strong competitor for Internet explorer 9 and Firefox 4.

Google has stuck to its strategy and as expected it released Chrome 7 Stable version today. Chrome 8 build was started as soon as Chrome 7 first beta went online. You can now download the latest Chrome version,

download google chrome 7

Chrome 7 stayed just few days on beta tag as Chrome 8 took over beta tag. But shockingly Chrome 7 stable version came out with nothing! Not at all a impressing browsing as it just looked similar to Chrome 6.

Few points about Chrome 7,

  • Faster than Chrome 6
  • Features are as similar to Chrome 6
  • No Instant Search
  • No Side tabs
  • Scores 260 out of 337 in HTML5 test

google chrome 7 stable version html5 test result

Well we were expecting many things from Chrome 7 and finally it ended up with nothing!

In this stable release, Google has focused primarily on hundreds of bug fixes. They have also included a few other things that may be of interest to developers, such as full AppleScript support on Mac OS X for UI automation and implementation of the HTML5 parsing algorithm, the File API, and directory upload (via <input type=”file” webkitdirectory>).

Also, if you choose to block sites from setting any data in your browser’s content settings for cookies, you can now use a new dialog for managing blocked cookies in bulk.

Must say and its crystal clear that Chrome 7 has been mainly updated for Mac user. And all the expected features has been moved to next version.

Installed Chrome 7? What you say? Share what you feel! 😛

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