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Google Chrome 9 Build Starts From November

google chrome 9 build starts on november

We think no one can stop Google! The pace they are in now, we feel Google Chrome will soon become strongest competitor for Firefox and Internet Explorer in few months down the line.

Yesterday Google released first ever stable version of Chrome 7 browser. Chrome 7 is mainly updated for Mac and Linux users and the only change we saw in windows was, they have added more security for cookies.

google chrome 7 stable version

Release of Chrome 7 stable yesterday confirmed that Google is working really hard towards Chrome browser under Chromium tag. Its not done. You wondering what about Chrome 8?

Well as soon as Chrome 7 hit beta version Google changed they Chromium 7 track to Chromium 8 which will end up given another best browser Chrome 8. There are many features being tested in Chrome 8 under Lab feature.

google chrome 8 dev version

Some of our article which covered Chrome 8 Build story from day 1,

Google is gearing up to deliver yet another major version of kits open source browser this year, namely Chrome 9.0, or at least to get early adopters a taste.

Anthony Laforge, Chrome Technical Program Manager revealed following information,

Howdy folks,

We’re 41 days away from the branch point for mstone:9 and we have 1236 open bugs, at the time of this note.  Given our open and close rates we will need to punt approximately 956 bugs in order to be ready for 9.0 which as a rule of thumb means 4 out of every 5 bugs we have needs to be moved out. Once we hit branch point only ReleaseBlock-* bugs will be accepted (i.e. crash, security, and bugs to disable features).

Part of this new release cycle is a better focus on scope management, and tightly managing what goes into our releases will help to make us more predictable.  I appreciate your help and patience as we transition to this new system.  I realize that it’s not without some discomfort, but you guys have done a great job thus far, and I trust that when we are past these initial bumps the road will be smoother.

Kind Regards,

Anthony Laforge
Technical Program Manager
Mountain View, CA

Think we no need to explain anything more about Chrome 9 plan as it is crystal clear in above sentences. Google might not be able to wrap up Chrome 9.0 by the end of 2010, but early adopters are sure to get a Chromium 9.0 build in the near future, followed by a Dev and perhaps even a Beta release of Chrome 8.0’s successor.

Lots features has been moved to Chrome 9 and it will be one of the big release by Chrome developers which may arrive early next year.

Sometimes it is easier predicting the weather of next month than what features will make it into the next Chrome release.

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