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Firefox Adopts Six Weeks Of Release Cycle

mozilla's new six weeks release cycle

We are in a world where people tend to copy each other in terms of ideas, posts and functionality. Well it’s human tendency and tough to change. 🙂

When it comes to Browser War also, each and every browser is playing hard and coming up with new features to give a tough competition, and to stay in the Browser Market, they’re copying each others features with few more modules added to it ;). Here you can find lots of news on Browsers and most of them are of Google Chrome, which is one of the hottest trending topic in the field of Technology.

Just to remind you all, Google drafted a new schedule release cycle which promised to release new versions of browser once in every six weeks. Remember?

This new Release Cycle worked really well for Google in adding many interesting features to become one of  the world’s fastest browser. Do you agree with us?

When it comes to Mozilla and Microsoft, both the browser developers usually take at least a year to get their final product into the market. Oh! Damn. How slow is that! This schedule was fine with both of them until Google came up with their New Release Cycle.

Hmm! What happened next? Mozilla had to follow the Google’s new strategy and hence came up with new Release Cycle. Mozilla had already changed their Release Cycle duration from 1 year to 3 months, which reduced their product development as the shorter cycles by Mozilla did not help them in getting more Firefox users and they kept on loosing their users in the Browser War.


Mozilla Copies Google’s Release Cycle Plan!

chrome and firefox

What’s next? Mozilla has to copy Google’s schedule for Chrome browser.

Yes, Mozilla plans to release new version of Firefox browser once in every six weeks from now. This was confirmed by Asa Dotzler, New Product Manager for Desktop Firefox in the below tweet :

We got tired of waiting a year to get new features and fixes out. Expect Firefox updates every 6 weeks from now on.

Tweet link:

Fasten your seat belts, because Mozilla plans to ship Firefox 6 in exactly six weeks, with Firefox 7 six weeks after that, and Firefox 8 … well, you get the idea. Not coincidentally, that release schedule perfectly matches up with browser arch-rival Google Chrome.

Mozilla is always copying from Chrome from the day they felt Google is growing stronger. Did you ever think about Firefox’s and Chrome’s different browser Channels? Here’s how they are matching.

mozilla vs chrome browser comparison

LOL! Isn’t it?

Well we do agree Mozilla team is working really hard towards their new AwesomeBar, Predictive NewTab and many more. These are few of the best features by Mozilla. But few of them are not unique from other browsers!

Huh! What you guys think about this new release schedule by Mozilla team? Will this matter for others? Will this make them stronger in browsers war? Share your thoughts 🙂 Lets Discuss!


6 thoughts on “Firefox Adopts Six Weeks Of Release Cycle”

  1. bodynsoil says:

    I am a firefox user, I find too many sites are not compatible with Chrome so I switched away from it. Perhaps if they get their business together I might consider trying Chrome again but my first two attempts were a flop. Let's hope some of the 6 week updates addresses the issues Chrome has had for me in the past.

    1. gowdavinayk says:

      Well Google is working really hard on improving Chrome Browser 🙂 You may have to step back and test is again buddy 🙂

      Comeback and do share your feedback on Chrome 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Gourav says:

    I updated to Firefox 5 four days after it was actually released, yet all my extensions are still not compatible and some are compatible but not working properly. So we will get a new version, wait 2 weeks to get all the extensions working, then there will be a new version next month, great. So we will never be able to use FF the we used to, all the more reason to use Opera

    1. gowdavinayk says:

      Mozilla has got this issue from many days Gourav. They never cared about it. The latest move by Mozilla team is at least trying to make 85% of Add-ons work on latest version. But after listening to your words I think they never worked on it!

      May I know what's the reason behind using Opera buddy? Would you like to share which feature u liked most in Opera? 🙂

  3. iregados says:

    i dont care if they're copying other browsers or not

    in the end what really matter is if the browser still fast…still beauty…things like these..

    sure, new unique improvements should be awesome…but it doesnt mean that copy other browser's good features is not good also

  4. Ajay singh bisht says:

    whatever the intensions may be..but firefox is really fast…and today they have released the new version..firefox5

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