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The Global Map Of Social Networking [Infographic]

Social Networking is an universal phenomenon followed by all the Internet users. People from different countries, speaking different languages try to connect with each other through Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and many more.

Social Networking is an important part of everyone’s life, we do need online friends to know them, engage with them and share our thoughts with them :D.

Social Networking takes place anywhere, anytime and with anyone. There are no barriers while we’re engaging with anyone and hence social network sites are most visited sites in any country. The more you engage with people the more you get to know each other.

While we are networking with people, we always are interested more about them and connect with them loyally, but sometimes it so happens that you lose all your family and friends because of this, so better try to give time to all aspects of your life and hence schedule a separate time for your Social Life.

So today we’ve come across a Global Map of Social Networking Infographic by GlobalWebIndex, which describes how people of different country are actively networking with each other based on the various behavioural types of Social Networking :

  1. Messagers and Mailers : These are the users who stick on to emails and messages and hence network with each other.
  2. Content Sharers : These are the users who love to share the contents through their network.
  3. Joiners and Creators of Groups : These are the users who create groups, manage them and join other groups.

Some Facts which summarizes the below Infographics :

  • China stands on first place with 115.29 Million Active Social Networkers
  • Philippines with only 14.43 Million Active Social Networkers has the highest % of  Mailers and Content Sharers among them
  • Indonesia and Philippines have the highest Social Network Penetration than any other country

Infographic [Click on the image to enlarge]

Infographic by GlobalWebIndex


Image Courtesy : carloszardoya


So what do you think friends?? How does Social Networking help you? and how do you socially network with other people? 🙂

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