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Facebook vs Google : The War Is Still On [Infographic]


Facebook and Google are the two social sites which are trying to compete with each other time to time for each of their products. Google wants to have a better social networking site and hence beat Facebook whereas Facebook wants to have a larger user base than that of Google. Both these tech giants will never give-up until and unless any one among them is defeated.

We use Google, whenever we need to search anything which is not found in books and we use Facebook whenever we want to tell our friends what we are supposed to be doing or what has happened today through status updates. Both are attracting the users in their own way and hence this has lead to a slow and steady war between them which is never going to end. Google recently came up with +1 Button which was supposed to be a killer for Facebook Like button, but things didn’t go as Google expected, although webmasters are using the Google +1 Button on their site, but still they haven’t been any change in their traffic stats.

Before reading further make sure that you know all the products of Google and Facebook.

Below is an Infographic presented by MBAProgramInfo, which gives a complete comparison between Facebook and Google in terms of their users base, time spent by an average user, amount of revenue generated and the privacy of the user controlled by each of their products.

Google has more than 1 billion users whereas Facebook seems to having 600+ million users and very soon  Facebook will be reaching 700 million users [via]. If a person spends 24 hours online then he/she would spend 2hours 18mins on Facebook whereas only 1 hour 45mins. When it comes to privacy of an user, both Google and Facebook are using it excessively without the much knowledge of the user as shown below in the Infographic.

Infographic – Click on the Image to Enlarge

[ Source : MBAProgramInfo ]


Do you think Google can beat Facebook bu coming up with their own Social Networking Site, or will Facebook be able to get more users base than Google? Share your opinion 🙂 and also make sure you read all the Infographics of our blog 🙂 Thanks for Reading 😀

6 thoughts on “Facebook vs Google : The War Is Still On [Infographic]”

  1. sureshpeters says:

    always google win the game they had the web, mobile , android,tablets, and many more coming up

  2. John says:

    Wow, that's amazing. I didn't know that Facebook's advertising revenue had surpassed Google. That's huge! And I'm also very surprised that Google's average CPC is only 50 cents. I used to run campaigns on there and the CPC was always $1+. Now, how does Microsoft and Apple fit in?

  3. Swamykant says:

    Wow. Excellent points and infographic

  4. Shabnam Sultan says:

    Excellent infographic 🙂 Google will always have an upper hand

  5. waterpearls says:

    Hi Sunil,
    Great post on google vs facebook.I really like the infographics and I must say google has still superior hand than facebook.

  6. Sam says:

    I am absolutely flabbergast that FB gets more advertising revenue than Google – my jaw literally just hit the floor! I thought google ruled the world – but it would seem not.

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