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Firefox 4 Beta 8 Release Scheduled On December 21

mozilla firefox 4.0 beta 8 Firefox 4 development team is way behind its scheduled date and it keeps on delaying day by day as well. It has been more than a month since Mozilla delivered the last development milestone i.e Beta 7 of Firefox 4.0.

Even Mozilla’s open source browser vendor had promised that with Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 we will be feature freeze, the remaining Beta releases would be nothing more than routine testing Builds which would not take as much to put together.

But it still appears to us that Mozilla team is still continuing development process and continuing to fix lot of bugs in pocket. And it has been hit again.

Tech Link: Firefox plugs drive-by download security holes

Firefox 4 Beta 8 was planned to be released on first week of December and now they officially told it will be released on December 21.

Last night Mozilla team tried to build Beta 8 and quickly found an issue with localization repacks. The issue does not affect en-US builds. Corrected localization repacks will be generated and posted later today to unblock localized testing.

After finding this issue team modified its scheduled release date to December 21. If QA finds an issue we will address it quickly and attempt to maintain the above schedule. Of course, there is always the possibility of day-for-day slip depending on issue details.

Early adopters can grab the Firefox 4.0 Beta 8 Candidate bits from Mozilla’s FTP servers and test drive the release to get an idea of what’s coming in the Beta. But keep in mind that this is not the fully fledged Beta 8 of Firefox 4.0.

Fennec 4.0 Beta 3

Fennec mozilla firefox for mobile

Well for short note, Firefox 4 mobile beta 3 is currently tracking to the same schedule and an updated Firefox Home has been submitted to the Apple app store.

Firefox 4.0 Future!

firefox 4 rc in 2011

Well it’s already more than one month where Mozilla team had scheduled to release Firefox 4.0 on November. The open source browser vendor still has to deliver at least two additional Betas of Firefox 4.0 until it will move to the Release Candidate development stage.

In this regards, it’s very clear that Firefox 4.0 first RC will be scheduled in end of January 2011(just a guess). This will surely keep them on back hand in browsers war as Google Chrome and Opera are getting ready for next big release.

Please share your thoughts on this regards and let others get updated about Firefox 4.0 🙂

18 thoughts on “Firefox 4 Beta 8 Release Scheduled On December 21”

  1. Rajesh Chaukwale says:

    Waiting eagerly for newer release of Firefox. Surely, Firefox has kept itself aside in browser war due to delayed release date.

    1. ratul says:

      damn, i was thinking to be released this week, now dec 21.
      cant wait, waitng 4 beta 8 from about mid of novmber.
      beta 7 is full of bugs i found,

      1. Vinay Gowda says:

        Yeah, there were more than 1400 bugs were fixed in Beta 8 Ratul. Hope you enjoy using it 🙂

  2. Chethan says:

    Looking forward to get the New Firefox!
    2011! come soon!

  3. Umair says:

    I am really looking forward to the release of Firefox 4. It is going to be awesome.

  4. Icechen1 says:

    Nice holiday surprise!

  5. Ethan says:

    Have been using FF4b7 on OSX since its release and found it solid as a rock. Only a few minor UI bugs from my perspective and 24 of my 27 add-ons work. Other than addressing the UI bugs and improving performance, which is already great, b7 is my daily browser.

  6. Chris B. says:

    I'm sorry, but I don't see Firefox 4 Beta 8 being released tomorrow (12/21). I think it will be delayed for a FOURTH time (Was 11/30, 12/7, and 12/21).

    Why do I think this?

    Well, as of 12/21/10 at 10:00 AM EST there are still FOUR blocking bugs for Firefox 4 Beta 8 [] and with Firefox 4 Beta 7 there was a four to five day gap between the time when there was zero blocking bugs left and when the Beta was available for download on []. Not happening for release on 12/21.

    Come on, Mozilla…..why such a delay between official Beta builds? And why over a month since the last Beta release on 11/10 (Beta 7)? Do you want to release at the same time as Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 or lose browser market share?

    1. Vinay Gowda says:

      Well there was only one critical blocker found while building final Beta 8. So Mozilla had to stop it going public.

      It'll be available anytime from now Chris.

  7. Andrei says:

    I just checked and the are no more blocking bugs for Beta 8.

    Let's hope that today is the day Beta 8 will be released!

  8. Srivathsan G.K says:

    Interesting post, thanks for your tips and insight.

  9. Andrei says:

    Here is the link to the OFFICIAL release version:

    This is for those who cannot wait until tomorrow when it will posted on the Mozilla official site.

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