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Story Behind @Rockmelt Browser Name!

Story behind Rockmelt Browser Domain name

Just few days before while tweeting on Twitter we were shocked to see few updates about costs of domains like Twitter, Facebook and many other big guns. They are up to millions of dollars!

Well we all think a lot before we start naming our domain to match our profile well. If you remember a story behind Facebook, it had two predecessor Facemash and thefacebook. There are many stories behind other companies as well.

Today we are going to tell you guys about How the name ROCKMELT came.

What is and Why Rockmelt?

RockMelt is fast, secure, and stable because it’s built on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s Chrome browser. It’s your browser – re-imagined and built for how you use the Web.

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The Name Rockmelt!

Many of you might be thinking the name Rockmelt somewhere related to volcanoes and lava, likewise Firefox highlights fox, Google Chrome‘s Chromium(a metal) project.

RockMelt was the result of a three-week long brainstorming where they came up with names been liked and tried to buy the domain then. But they couldn’t afford the astronomically high price quote and then had to start all over again to find a new name.

Some of the names which were generated by the Rockmelt team  included Fringe, Groove, Take3, Frowser, Blarge, BamBam, Kodiak, Acunda, Avogadro, Wamp, and Yoke. These names are very famous for all computer geeks and as the domains would cost more.

Rockmelt team added “As ridiculous as some of these may sound, it was nothing compared to the cost of the domain names – some were as high as $500,000!”.

Rockmelt team extended explaining more about the name in their blog,

We wanted a name that was memorable, something that was easy to say and easy to spell. We started throwing words we liked up on the whiteboard.  There were a lot of different words but we liked “Melt.”  Since “Melt” is a soft word, it needed a strong or hard complement.

We thought about Diamond, Shark, Mountain, Steel and a host of others but the simplicity of “Rock” stood out. was unregistered so we jumped on it – for $12, a far cry from the $500,000.

Designing Rockmelt Logo

Well now the name Rockmelt is ready and they stated thinking about the logo and creating the right look and feel. Here they got a help from good folks at DesignMap in San Francisco to develop the visual identity. One fine day a designer at DesignMap did a sketch in his notebook of the Earth. And they finalized the logo.

Well this is story behind the new kid in browser world and Rockmelt team added “Now, a year and a half later, we remain in with love the name – it’s the best $12 we’ve ever spent.”

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